Like Little House on the Prairie… but with cell phones and internet…

Have no fear. We haven’t gone completely¬†Little House on the Prarie. We were just tossing around ideas and knew we had to be opened to any and everything for getting our debt taken care of.

We’ve decided to get rid of Vonage and continue using our cell phones (which are prepaid) and go to basic cable – not sure whether it will be bare-bones cable or next step up… there is a really big difference between the two. We also have the option of a Family Tier, which is only family friendly program. It’s a bit in between the two cost wise. I’d rather go that route… why be playing for pl*yboy channel? That just gags me to think about… Also, we’ll switch from Cable internet to an inexpensive DSL.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by to read this entertaining post?!?


  1. Well yes, Karla, I AM glad I stopped by. Good girl. We went to DSL. We went to the second step up from basic cable and cut our cable bill in half. There are so many ways to cut expenses and still have some nice things in life.

    It just depends on your definition of nice. My definition wasn’t 450 channels. Who on earth can keep up with that anyway? We’re perfectly happy with 26 channels and a cheap Netflix subscription where WE get to choose the movies, not HBO.

    Good for you. And of course we like you. You’re extremely likable.


  2. Terri @ In His Hands says

    So glad you are going to keep blogging!

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