You Can Bet Your Butt I Went To the Gym Last Night

As you may (or may not know), I am planning on running a marathon this year. I’ve been pretty pleased with my progress and the strength and stamina that has increased in the last several months.

It had been several years since I had run regularly – and I was amazed at how quickly my body responded to the movement.

Unfortunately, the physical transformation has been rather, umm… lacking.

My body seems thicker; my clothes are snugger. I rationalized that it was just muscle being built. Things not being as squishy as before; you’ll never see a muscular muffin top. That fat rolls over the tops of the pants for a reason – fat moves, pushes and rolls.

I didn’t want to consider the alternative. Not when I’d been sweating my butt off at the gym.

At least I thought I was sweating my butt off:

Last night, we were all gathered around the table, getting ready to eat. Quinn passed by and quietly said something to Sean…

Apparently, I have a “jiggly butt”.

Nothing is more humbling than a reality check from your five year old.


  1. http://Sandy%20Toes says

    The honesty of a five year old can almost be too much at times..good job going to the gym!
    -sandy toes

  2. http://Sarah says


  3. http://Shauna says

    Kids and their brutal honesty – sometimes I wish I could get away with saying things that they say! Happy New Year and happy marathon training – you are motivating me!

  4. http://Colleen%20-%20Mommy%20Always%20Wins says

    Oooh. Bummer.

    Best of luck with the training!!!

  5. http://Kathleen%20Marie says

    I had to chuckle at that. I am rather large chested (even when thin) and years ago my #2 daughter was sitting on the lap of a rather flat chested lady and she was trying to get comfortable. She turned around, looked at the lady and said, “You don’t have pillows like my mom!”. I about died but then laughed. Have you seen “Some like it Hot” with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. He is looking at Marilyn walk and says something like, “How do they walk like that? It’s like jello on springs!”

  6. http://kalisa says

    My boys get to call me a “jiggly butt” when they pass a small child through their urethra.

  7. http://Rachel says

    ha ha ha ha ha ;-)

    Amazing how quickly they can humble us and toss us back to reality, isn’t it.

  8. http://Sarah says

    My 3yo daughter said that one day last week after I got out of the shower. Humbling huh?

  9. http://Manda says

    its ok- if my kid was old enough to say full sentences, she’d ask, ‘mommy, did you just gain back all that you’;ve lost so far at curves from christmas dinner??”

  10. http://ShabbyInTheCity says

    Haha! I have found with my boys that if I say something about myself first…then they will all chime in and say, “No, Mama! You look gooood!” Oh yeah :)

  11. http://Wifey%20Dessert says

    ah kids are always a little too honest for our own good lol…

  12. http://Anonymous says

    My son when he was about 11 walked in while I was getting dressed and in shock says to me, “Mom! Your legs!” he stood in horror or disbelief, not sure which?

  13. http://topsytechie says

    Are you sure??!! Maybe its not you at all. Maybe he needs an eye checkup…that would be my rationale.

  14. http://KARNA says

    Well, at least he didn’t say it TO you! LOL What a hoot! Love from another jigglybutt! Much to the horror of a set of parents a little 4 year old once asked me how i got so fat! They about died…started to hush him up.. I said its okay, he’s an innocent…I told him the truth: I said, Oh, I ate too many cookies!!!! Figured that would help his mother out too if he wanted extra cookies ;)

  15. http://Barb says

    If it’s any comfort, a jiggly butt is better than a boney butt. I swear, kids are so honest, aren’t they?

  16. http://Sandy says

    oh, love the honesty of kids when they are little. great blog and great visitng you!

  17. http://Gabrielle%20Krake says

    Oh my, I have been trying to prepare for a big challenge this year as well, my black belt test. I need to run 10 miles and the progress is slow, probably because I am slow. :) I love the results of running, and my kids have also commented on the “squishy” mommy that I am, in places. Gotta Love Em’

  18. http://Missy%20@%20It's%20Almost%20Naptime says

    Did you say, “Guess what kid? I got jiggly boobs to match! And GUESS WHOSE FAULT THAT IS?!?!”

  19. http://Musings%20of%20a%20Housewife says

    I have jiggly EVERYTHING. And good for you on training for a marathon! I can NOT say I will join you, but I will cheer you on from the comfort of my computer chair, where my butt grows more jiggly every day. LOL.

  20. http://Moriah%20@%20Please%20Pass%20the%20Salt says

    Well, Drew told me not to jump on the trampoline because “it would rip!” Yeah.

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