Yet again – more about me

Continuing to make my way through the outpost of my brain questions y’all asked of me ages ago.

Jenn said … :  Where did you grow up? As a child were you a girlie girl or a Tomboy? What were you into? How many siblings do you have? Who was your celebrity crush in Junior High and High School?

I grew up in Frederick, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, DC. It was a great place to grow up – small town feel in a large town. Gorgeous, thriving downtown area. Great schools. I actually lived in the Lewistown/Thurmont area until I was 16 and then we moved into town. So I had the best of both worlds (sing it, Hannah) – I had all of the perks of living in the country as a child, and then the convenience of living in town when my social life was becoming important. As a child, some of my favorite things to do were riding my bike to the country store for gum and running blades of grass over the electric fence that ran along our property. Also, I’d entertain guests by showing them how to throw rocks at cow patties. That is some gut-wrenching fun right there. Did you know that if you throw a rock at a cow patty on a cold day that it releases steam? If you’d been my guest, you would’ve.

As a teen, I was into makeup, clothes and boys. See – I TOLD you I was UNIQUE! How many other girls do you know with those exact same likes?!

With two older brothers, it was hard not to be a bit of a tomboy, but I was the one playing in the dirt in a dress. I loved playing trucks and cars in the dirt by the garden, but insisted that I wear dresses. My mom has always told me she used to beg me to wear pants in the winter, but I was stubborn as all get-out preferred dresses. So our compromise was that I wore pants under my dresses. Not unlike this:


Once again, proof that I am a fashion force to be reckoned with. Or, at least I was in elementary school.

The celebrity crush I remember the most was John Taylor from Duran Duran. Don’t even begin to kid yourselves into believing that I might actually admit to kissing a poster of him once or twice or 40 times.

I bet he would have appreciated my fashion sense.

Elizabeth…mommy…etc said … : if you could choose what era to live in (besides the current era) what era would it be? i’ve been thinking about this lately and, although, i haven’t answered the question myself, i find it fascinating to picture myself in another era. dumb question????

I’m not really sure that I have an answer for that. There are different eras that intrigue me. But frankly, I can’t imagine living in a time when I had to clean out rags worn in my under-drawers once a month… or wear wool dresses in 90 degree heat… or pick fleas from my true loves hair. If I had lived then, I would have obviously not known any different and so I would have enjoyed it. Or at least made do. But from where I stand now: an era that doesn’t have access to deodorant and Sonic Caramel Java Chiller is an era that would have stomped all over me and made me cry uncle.

Aren’t I just simply fascinating?


  1. http://Domestic%20Spaz says

    I can’t imagine picking fleas from my true love’s hair either. I’ve picked enough bugs from heads with the lice epidemic of 2007… ug, it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about.

    I tagged you at my blog if you feel like being tagged. :)

  2. http://Beck says

    I told my husband that I wanted to switch to wearing only dresses and he said that he was going to start wearing top hats. So much for that!

  3. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    Pfftt…Nick Rhodes was totally the hot one in Duran Duran.

  4. http://HRH says

    Crap. Now all I can think about is Sonic Java Chiller. thanks.

  5. http://Elizabeth says

    i have off and on (mostly b/c of reading a lot) pictured myself in a previous era and belieivng that it must have been way better…until i rememeber the long, hot dresses…no dishwashers…no phones…no internet…no epidurals! but the respect for others, focus on Godly living being more upfront and accepted…that appeals to me.

  6. http://Melanie says

    John Taylor!! Me, too. I loved the Reflex video.

  7. http://Melissa%20@%20The%20Inspired%20Room says

    John Taylor. Sigh.

  8. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    Fleas?! I HATE fleas!! You are absolutely correct! Now that I think about it, I need to be in an era that has creature comforts too. Like Advantage for dogs and cats…and hopefully never my beloved.

  9. http://Lalena says

    I loved Duran Duran!

  10. http://Angela says

    Oh, Michelle Smiles…really, Nick Rhodes? Blech. But we can still be friends…that means John Taylor would still be available for me. I totally spent my childhood waiting around on MTV to play the Reflex video and any Michael Jackson video. Pathetic. Karla, I think I may have kiss a MJ poster in my day. Did I just write that? Excuse me, while I go wretch in the toilet.

  11. http://Jenn says

    Oh fun you answered my question. I too LOVED John Taylor! But my main love was Kirk Cameron – sign. (He covered my walls and I am sure I kissed him a time or too.)

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