Wow! Y’all are smart!

My question was answered by Sarah, on the very first comment: acne and wrinkles together are just plain wrong! Didn’t I suffer through high school already?

And Missy’s comment “Kind of how i feel when I pop a zit and then immediately pluck a gray hair. Not fair” summed it up nicely…

Thanks for playing along. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold your interest and keep you guessing on these in the future.

No more easy-peasy questions for y’all anymore!


  1. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    I’m thinking I’ll be wanting a new blog header in January. Wish all the moving parts of this nutty life of mine would have cooperated so I could have won this! :) Maybe next time. Or, you know, I could PAY for one.

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