Where’s my Lasso of Truth?

Awhile back I ran out of Comet. Comet is my friend. I feel like Wonder Woman with the cleaning power in that yellow and green container. So running out of Comet was huge for me.

About that same time, my husband starting doing all of the grocery shopping (*hate me*) and the cooking (*double hate me*) He makes the grocery list based on what he plans on making (duh) and I add on anything I need for around the house.

You’d think Comet would have been on the top of that list.

Would you believe that I have forgotten to add it to that list for the last TWO MONTHS!

Can you imagine the disgusting look of my kitchen sink!?


Lest you think I have not cleaned my tub and sinks for two months (I’m lazy, but not that lazy. okay. I am.), I have cleaned them with bleach, but while that disinfects, it doesn’t make it sparkle and shine and get rid of stains and soap scum.

Then it hit me!

Baking soda.

And you know what?

It worked! It cleaned my kitchen sink just as well as Comet. Soap scum is gone. AND it is safe to use around the kids.

My new Wonder Woman power comes from baking soda now.

Whodda thunk?

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  1. lauralovesart says

    baking soda huh? ive heard that…i must try…

  2. Michelle says

    It also works to clear a clogged drain, best when there is no standing water in the sink/tub. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain and follow with a kettle/pot of boiling water. For tougher clogs, pour a cup of household vinegar down the drain after the baking soad, plug the drain with the sink stopper then let sit for half an hour. After about 30 minutes, unplug the sink and pour a kettle/pot full of hot water on top.

    I hope to see you at the She Speaks Conference this weekend.

  3. Well, must give that a try! But, then what would I do without my wipes…(my post!) :o)

  4. I heart baking soda. I have a white kitchen sink and baking soda gets it sparkly clean without all the toxic chemicals!

  5. Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique says

    I love baking sode and then mix some vinegar with it, it’s like a volcano (cant’ take the kid outta me).

    I’m addicted to Lysol wipes for wiping down toilets and counters. Bad, bad.

  6. Elizabeth says

    what do i think about using soda… well, i’m still pondering on the days when my hubby did the grocery shopping or cooked 1-2x a week… grocery shopping days are like play dates for Tulip now and esquire is working so much these days we rarely even eat dinner together… ::sadness::

  7. SAHMmy Says says

    Thanks–will try. Just picked up a bottle of shower cleaner that clearly states Do Not Use With Bleach! but I need a little extra “exfoliating” power for the grimy shower bottom. Baking soda may do the trick.

  8. mah-meeee says

    oh… will go try that asap at home.

    sink is getting grimy for sure…

  9. Life In Progress says

    I also recently discovered the cleaning power of baking soda – LOVE IT! I just bought a huge bag at Sam’s – should last me a while.

  10. craftymom says

    I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks for the idea.

  11. Hmmm I forgot about that little beauty :)

  12. Baking soda works wonders on tubs. It doesn’t scratch that material that tubs are made out of nowadays and cleans beautifully! I’ll have to give it a try on the stainless kitchen sink!

  13. Oh yes, just wait until you see all the other uses for it…
    will rock your world, it will!

  14. I don’t know how it is that I have only just now found your delightful blog. I’m so glad the Nester sent me over here.

  15. Silly me I have never cleaned with baking soda. Is there anything you can not do with this product?

    Thanks for the tip. :o)

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