Wherein I Fight the Frump while fighting the fact that I am so behind on things I may never catch up…

I had totally planned on doing a write up on applying eyeshadow for todays post. That is something I never would have thought I’d be saying on this blog – not in a million years… but so many of you loved last weeks post that it encouraged me to branch out that way.

But, you’ll have to wait. Because right now I just had to mark about 1100 posts as read in my reader*… it’s the first day of spring and my winter header is still up there on the top of my blog… and my laundry pile was almost to the ceiling… and the trash was kickin’.

In other words I’ve gotten behind.

But I will give you this little nugget:

Want proof positive about the impact the fighting the frump can have? Take a look at this slideshow from MSN and be sure to read all of the tips given for taking years off of you look (I’m sure you’ll see some around here soon!)
This is just a sample –


Black and white photo or not, that is a MAJOR transformation!

* please please please know that I am trying to catch up on my blog reading! I hate when I can’t get around and visit with all of my friends. {hugs}


  1. I am so in need of a new ‘do! Getting one next week, so this week on my Frump Fighters post is asking for opinions, next week will be the results!

  2. Where do I get a makeover like that? My clothes need it the worst!

  3. I love that!

    I absolutely adore makeover shows. It’s so much fun! And my girls like them too, with the result that they know more about fashion than most 10 & 13 year olds and always look very good. Modest, but good. But now the boys have noticed and that’s not so good.

    But I love the shows anyway!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  4. That is a serious transformation. Amazing. I think we are all feeling a bit behind right now so you are in good company!

  5. Sister Honey Bunch says

    Great link. Thanks!

  6. Makeover shows are addictive – If I find one while channel surfing, I honestly cannot pass it up

  7. Thanks for the reminder that today is the first day of Spring! It seems to have given me a little boost of energy and an attitude adjustment.

    Great makeover!!

  8. That slide show was astonishing! It also gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get dressed up today, too.

  9. WOW! I’m sure she felt great afterward – but can you imagine her nerves b4hand?

    It’s ok Karla, you’ll catch us up when you can (my post is just for you and coloring your hair from a box =)

  10. Baby Mamma aka Tamra says

    Makeovers are the bomb. ANY before/afters are! So addictive and so fun. Thanks!

  11. ~ Straight Shooter ~ says

    Sigh. All I ever think when I am finished reading one of your posts is, “I think I love her…” in smiling, non-stalking, blogging, you’re so nice, I wish we were neighbors kinda way. ;o)

  12. I’m sure even Martha Stewart had days like this…or at least she would if she didn’t have a staff…I don’t know how you do all that you do anyway. Take a deep breath and enjoy your day. We’ll still be here when you get caught up :-)

  13. That was a big tranformation! Look at how much more confident she looks. Her smile is radiating.

  14. fullheartandhands mama says

    Behind is the story of my life right now.

    I’ll look forward to the make-up post another day.

    Good luck catching up.

  15. Mackenzies Momma says

    Wow! what a transformation!

  16. aww..i love your posts!!!

    i have also TAGGED you!! :) hope you join in!! just go to my blog for info!! take care and GOD BLESS….

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