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Animal Kitten Exhausted lol

As mentioned previously, my kids and personal hygiene have been neglected for the past week.

Now you can see why!

Head over to the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* and *LOVELY* Blissfully Domestic.

(*updated: As of the beginning of January, 2009, I am no longer affiliated with Blissfully Domestic. After a difference in opinions on how the magazine should be structured and being told I was “just an employee”, I have chosen to pursue other endeavors.)


  1. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    GREAT JOB KARLA, and all the amazingly hardworking girls over there! It really looks beautiful!!!!

    You can haz sleepz now. Yes you can.


  2. WOW – it is beautiful!! Congratulations on all the hard work … and yes, definitely sleep is ready and waiting!

  3. Laurel Wreath says:

    You guys did a great job it looks beautiful. Pat yourself on the back!

  4. Front Porch Legacy says:

    The new site looks fabulous, darling.

  5. Wecare4much says:

    I’ve been trying to see the new site all morning but every time I click your link I get the go Daddy page, when I go from my bookmark it is just the old Blissfully Domestic page. :( I’m dying to see all your hard work.

  6. Monica @ Paper Bridges says:

    Hi, Karla, the new site looks great.

    Just so you know, the latest feeds from the relaunch didn’t come to google reader. The last post I have is from Aug. 29.

  7. I’m having the same problem as Wecare4much!! :-(

  8. Monkey Giggles says:

    Wow, job well done. it looks great.

  9. WONDERFUL work! It looks AMAZING!

  10. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    Hee hee! Hilarious. And the redesign is lovely!

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