God Still Provides Manna

The most exciting thing happened on wednesday.

Before I start, let me first give a little back story:

We had the most amazing small bible study group in Maryland. What a fantastic group to know and share, worship and fellowship with. They weren’t just there for you on thursday nights (When we met each week), but helped us move, showered us with gifts when Seamus was born and on and on (plus we had some GOOD EATS everyweek!) When we moved, I knew that this group was what I would miss the most from my daily life.

So, back to wednesday… As most of you know, this past year was brutal. Our move here relieved a lot of the causes. But we’ve still been picking up the pieces slowly. God has given us everything we need. Most weeks, it is just the right amount for in between pay periods – our groceries run out the day Sean gets paid, things come due at the “right time” etc. But this pay period was different. A lot of people have been on vacation at Sean’s work and so he has been sent home early or called off for the entire day a lot. (He worked 52 hours over this past two-week pay period.)

Needless to say, the check is a lot smaller this week and we hadn’t been able to set aside for it (at least in an account we can just go and draw from at anytime). So, wednesday morning, this fact was looking me squarely in the face. I had realized that we had just enough to pay our things due… but, oh, yes – we need food!

As I was getting ready in the morning I just prayed ernestly for the food. I said “Lord, I don’t know how you are going to do it, but you know we need food and that it will need to last for two weeks. Please provide it for us.” Then I let it go.

This was certainly an area requiring faith, because let’s face it – food just doesn’t appear at your doorstep. It’s not like you can postpone it until next pay period. Ya gots ta eat…

I was starting to get ready to pick Abbie up from school when there was a knock at the door. FedEx had a package for me. I opened it up and was blown away by what was inside:

gift cards from our Maryland Bible study group for our local grocery store!!!

Food had arrived on our doorstep. The amount will be no problem taking us through the next two weeks.

Okay – now here is the kicker. I try to call my mom — line’s busy.

Try to call her cell — busy.

Call again — busy, busy busy.

I HAVE to talk with someone!

So I call my brother (who, along with my sister-in-law are a part of the bible study group). I start bawling.

Now, you have to picture my brother — he loves me, I know it, but he is not one who enjoys handling, how shall I describe it, “emotional delicacy”.

So, as I’m crying, I’m sure he is kicking himself for answering the phone (I could just see him with that tense-mouth thing he does when he is not sure what to do or say, possibly banging the phone against his forehead…)

But finally, as I can speak clearly and ask questions, he begins to tell me the story behind the gift cards:

They had been trying to get them to us since May. There was a big mess up with getting the grocery store’s corporate office to get them sent off and it finally got straightened out this week. Just when we needed it. (This totally blows my mind!)

We didn’t need those gift cards before. We would have used them and used the extra cash on something else.

Truly, truly, truly this is manna from Heaven! Isn’t the Lord awesome in His timing. What I know was a frustrating situation on the part of the group was used to reach us when we needed it the most.

So – thank you, my dear, sweet Maryland bible study group. I love you all and we are so truly blessed by your friendship. Thank you for thinking of us.


Not sure how to transition from that one, but I wanted to also mention that I started Beth Moore’s Daniel bible study Wednesday. I am so excited about this study. The subtitle is Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy.
Description from the LifeWay bookstore site:

“Divided into 2 parts, the 1st portion (Daniel 1-6), emphasized by Lives of Integrity, deals with the life of the prophet and is extremely contemporary. Daniel faced pressures and temptations similar to those of a Christian in today’s world. He teaches and models for us how to develop enduring integrity in an enticing world.

The 2nd half (Daniel 7-12), turns to explore the prophecies of Daniel. It deals in-depth with the historical details, predictions, and fulfillments detailing history from the time of Daniel, through the inter-biblical period, the time of Christ, and on to the second coming of Christ.”

I loved her Patriarchs study and this is a great followup. The old testament is so interesting and amazingly relevant to us still.

Abbie’s week has been going well. She comes running out of school so excited every day now.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.



  1. Glass Half Full says

    I belong to a bible study and we have been together for 7 years. I don’t know what I would do without my sisters in Christ. :)

  2. Jami Leigh says

    What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Now that is a GREAT story. Wow. Nothing but God’s perfect timing right there.

    And I’ve heard wonderful things about the Daniel study – but I want to do The Patriarchs first.

    Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Eagles Wings Mommy says

    I love it, God’s timing is always so right on… We get frustrated sometimes when stuff doesn’t get done at the time we expect it but God always has better plans!!!
    You have to email me…where in Maryland???
    Also, I’m doing a Beth Moore study now on the Fruit of the Spirit…she’s an awesome Bible study teacher!
    Blessings and enjoyed reading your blog!

  5. Praise the Lord for His provisions. I find stories of His wonderful mercy and grace such an enouragement in my own walk.

    We are starting Patriarch’s next week. I am looking forward to it. :)

  6. What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  7. What a great story about God’s faithfulness and provision!

  8. What a fantastic testimony!
    I’ll never grow tired of hearing stories of God’s perfect provision!
    He is so good!
    Blessings to you!

  9. healing hoves says

    I am a new believer who has just came to Christ at the age of 49. I am fixen to do a bible study of Beth Moore on Gaining Freedom. I know nothing about everything but I am thristy to learn and have heard the Beth Moore studies are great………sonja brooks

  10. Karla! We love you too! Did i mention that we miss you all ike crazy?! I havent been to the site for some time now… but i needed my fix today! God Bless! and maybe we will see you all again soon!

    LOVE EMILY!!! (ps…we got those silly gingerbread houses in at work yesterday and i couldnt help but think about the kids!)

    Tell everyone i said hi!

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