When your train of thought derails the best laid plans

Friday night we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I was so hungry by the time we got there, that I could have eaten the table in front of me. On top of that, I was heartburn free for the night (miracle of all miracles) and could actually stomach a meal.

We don’t normally order appetizers, but I love their Southwestern egg rolls and couldn’t resist. Sean had one and I had the rest… and it wasn’t a small portion. The kids had no interest in it. I can’t begin to tell you how sad that made me.

Our meals were brought out and I ate like I’d just been told it was my last meal. I had ordered the Buffalo Chicken fajitas and I finished every bite, ate all of Seamus’ fried apples and drank about 10 glasses of tea. I probably would have licked the bowls and plates if I had thought no one would notice.

I was seriously considering dessert, when a thought suddenly occurred to me: If I had to go under anesthesia tonight, I would so be in trouble.

That definitely gave me pause.

But don’t think for one minute that I couldn’t have finished off a couple of desserts on my own. And I was totally this: [ ] close to doing it.


  1. http://Susanne says

    Boy this brings back memories of being pregnant! Oh who am I kidding; this brings back memories of last week. :vD

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner out.

  2. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    I’ve eaten like that a couple times this pregnancy and then I would remember that I don’t want to put on as much weight as I did while preggo with theBeast and it slows me down…a little bit. LOL. Eat on girl!!!

  3. http://Beck says

    There is just NO hunger like pregnancy hunger, is there? That sudden I AM GOING TO STARVE sensation that can only be solved by eating all of the food in the world.

  4. http://The%20Real%20Mother%20Hen says

    Oh it must be a lovely scene :)
    Eat on, and enjoy it :)

  5. http://Anonymous says

    You are thin and pregnant so you can afford that once in a while!

  6. http://Ruth says

    that is AWESOME!!

    my friend was really funny with food when she was pregnant. i remember her telling me that she even stopped at a house (she didn’t really know the people — met them briefly before) and asked for food because she couldn’t make it home without a snack!

    oh the joys of pregnancy…

  7. http://Cmommy says

    Does baby like Mexican food??!! Yummy :-)

  8. http://Barb says

    Oh my word, I can’t believe you found room for all that food. I distinctly remember feeling like my stomach was so squished aside that I couldn’t possibly eat more than two bites of anything. But hey! At least you disciplined youself with the dessert. LOL

    You make a very good point. It wouldn’t be too cool to be facing anesthesia after a meal like that. Still, I understand the hunger.

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