When a word is not just a word

Our pastor has started a new sermon series on studying the bible.

Yesterday’s sermon was on Devotions and how the Lord uses this time to speak to us. The examples the pastor used were what really set the sermon above other’s I’ve heard on this topic. It really drove the message home.

Through devotions, the Lord can speak to us through a word, a phrase, a verse, a chapter or the entire book of the bible.

Following is a quote from his sermon on the Lord speaking through a word. It was so profound and yet so profoundly simple, I just have to share it with you:

Some time ago, I was reading through the book of 2 Chronicles during my morning devotional periods, and one day I came to the story of King Johoram in chapter 21. This was a very distressing story. Johoram’s father had been the good King Jehoshaphat who had worked tirelessly to bring about revival in his nation. Upon his death, Jehoram ascended to the throne and he immediately undid his father’s twenty-five years of work.

To solidify his power, Jehoram massacred all his siblings and married the daughter of Queen Jezebel, the most wicked woman in the Old Testament. He descended into idol-worship, and the kingdom of Judah began collapsing around him.

But having described these multiple disasters, verse 7 (NIV) says, “Nevertheless, because of the covenant the Lord had made with David, the Lord was not willing to destroy the house of David. He had promised to maintain a lamp for him and his descendants forever.”

That one word—nevertheless—jumped out at me, and with my pencil I drew a box around it, and for days and days I was encouraged in my spirit because of that one word. Everything may be collapsing around us, but nevertheless the promises of God are secure. Nevertheless God is in control. Nevertheless He is faithful and His Word is sure. Nevertheless I can trust in Him.

It’s wonderful when a word in the Bible jumps out and assaults you, as it were.

Did you see that?!? Did you catch that one word?

The world may be hard… life may throw one turmoil after another at you… your spouse may leave, your child may walk away from the Lord, you may lose your job.

BUT… NEVERTHELESS, the Lord is still on His throne.

He knows what you are going through. He cares and He hears.

Just reach out to Him.


  1. http://Lynnae says

    I just found your blog the other day, and I’m really enjoying it. I love this lesson! It’s very encouraging!

  2. http://Maggie says


    My new favorite word.

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing in such great detail. I needed to hear that today.

  3. http://Mike says

    That, I believe, is hope. Inspiring post.



  4. http://Stacey says

    WOW…this is so very true. It makes me anxious for another daily devotion to see what word or words the Lord will use for me today.

    I have really been enjoying your blog since I found it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!!

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