When a cough is not just a cough

We missed church, again, yesterday because Moose started sounding like a barking seal saturday night… yesterday he spent the day running around like nothing had happened.

But it happened again last night. More barking seals and wheezing and other awful sounds (called stridor) that don’t seem natural coming out of anyone, much less a tiny little 17 month old body.

So today, we were at the doctor’s office to confirm what we already knew — our Moose has the croup. He is now on steroids (good thing he’s not a professional baseball player) and is laying on the floor – just laying… and wheezing. But less than he was.

It is awful to see your children go through things like this. And it can be frightening too.

Two years ago, Sweetums and Bug ended up with Whooping cough/pertussis. Both had been immunized, so we weren’t even thinking along those lines at first. Fortunately, I have a good friend who’s son had had whooping cough earlier in the year (*side note of irony: there were 6 documented cases of whooping cough in our WI county that year – 2 were my kids, one was the son of one of my friends, and the other 3 were the children of a friend of mine at our church. None of the families got it from the other families. In fact the other two families had no contact and didn’t know each other… it was just all some odd coincidence) I asked her to come down one night and listen to Sweetum’s cough. We got online and she took me to a site where you could listen to samples of the cough (here: Whooping Cough information and sound clips – sound clips are on the bottom right column)

I never realized how awful and serious whooping cough was until that moment. Bug, who was only 8 months old had a very mild case. Considering his age, it should have been a lot worse. But Sweetums – bless her heart – had it to the point of not being able to breathe and throwing up. She would literally cough until her lungs were empty. That is when the “whoop” or gasping for air comes into play. For months after, any amount of running or jumping would throw her into an ugly coughing fit. She seemed so fragile during that time. And looking back, she was. I look at Moose today and feel the same way.

We spent a lot of sleepless nights during that time, as we are now. Nightime brings out the worst in both of these diseases.

Please pray for Moose. It’s not serious at this point – in fact, the worst is the first two nights. It’s not affecting his oxygen intake. But he is uncomfortable and not sleeping well.


  1. http://Reese says

    Poor guy. My youngest had croup last year and I know how scary it can be, and painful for them.

    Blessings and prayers for a fast recovery-


  2. http://missy says

    I just had to leave a comment and let you know how much I can relate to you! I just found your blog (I love to random blog) and actually skimmed through the whole thing. (I’m not a big loser, I promise! Well, maybe a little!)

    A couple of things caught my eye. First, I, too, met and married my husband within 4 months in the spring of 97. I also noticed you said that you’d panic attack over vomit–I have a phobia called emetophobia–which is an intense fear of vomit. And oh, how I can relate to your financial struggles! My husband and I are currently facing a possible bankruptcy and as Christians we are struggling with this decision. It is obviously not Gods perfect will for us, but we have yet to find an alternative. Praying about it constantly.

    There is so much more that I’d like to say, but I don’t want to hijack your comments section. I just HAD to let you know how much of my own situation I found in yours!

    Prayers going up for your son as well. I am praying that the cycle of sickness is broken from your family once and for all! God bless you–Missy Olivo

  3. http://Barb says

    Oh, poor thing. Yes, I will pray. It’s really hard to hear them cough like that. Praying he recovers soon and you all get some much needed rest.

  4. http://Beck says

    Oh, your poor baby and poor you! I certainly will keep your family in my prayers.

  5. http://Anonymous says

    Good old Wisconsin memories. Garrett and I talk about the summer of the whooping cough all of the time. I can not believe how sick our kids were.
    I remember that evening when I walked down to your house and here Little Miss No Nappin coughing and realized that she sounded just like my Garrett resting in his bed just up the street.
    I remember that i just prayed non stop that Garrett would not stop breathing and that he would not choke to death in the process.
    I certainly will keep you in my prayers. Having four asthmatics in my house, I know what those sleepless nights are all about.

  6. http://Terri%20@%20In%20His%20Hands says

    :( poor baby. Keeping him in my prayers!

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