Whath doeth youth say tooth them?

How do you explain teeth falling out to a child who has never lost one? I don’t recall being nervous about it as a child, but my daughter was. Now she is a pro at it. But I have three more kids after her who will be losing teeth one day.

I was able to comfort her, ease her anxiety that it was not going to hurt. But I am wondering about fun, creative ways to make the whole tooth-losing experience less scary.


  1. Straight Shooter says

    We read about sharks. Did you know they have 20,000+ teeth in their lifetime? Yep. I said 20 THOUSAND. This seemed to help them quite a bit. They dug sharks when we finished our little impromptu research project and so losing teeth was like nothing for a shark so it must be okay for them too…

  2. Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    you design your own blog, right? how much do you charge for a 3 column?????

    thank you for saying i look lovely today… :-)


  3. When I was little, my mom made me a tooth-fairy pillow. I still have it and have used it with all my kiddos.

    It’s small (about 4×6) and has a pocket on the front for them to leave their tooth in. The tooth fairy takes the tooth and puts some $ in the pocket.

    It’s been fun to watch their excitement about getting to use it. And of course this only works if you’re up for incorporating the tooth fairy into your traditions. My kids have loved it, and being able to “use mom’s little pillow” has been useful in combating any fear.

  4. Actually, my boys have never had anxiety over the actual pulling of the teeth . . . their anxiety is over “Why haven’t I lost a tooth yet?” Because they are both late-tooth losers, they could hardly wait to lose a tooth. Actually, my youngest, who is 6 1/2, has his first wiggly tooth. He’s very excited about it and can’t wait to get a visit from the tooth fairy!
    I like the idea that someone else suggested about reading a book on sharks.
    Have a great day, Karla!

  5. Jolanthe says

    My oldest is a practical nightmare with the whole wiggling thing. To the point that her permanent teeth on the bottom came in weeks before she even lost them. Now her top two are wiggly and she won’t wiggle. It’s enough to make me crazy. Scared her to death when it wiggled and she heard a root pop once.

    course then she giggled like a mad-woman when they first fell out. sigh


  6. christel says

    My 5 yr old hasn’t lost a tooth yet but she does have her two bottom permanent teeth coming in behind her baby teeth. One is a bit wiggly while the other isn’t. So far it doesn’t hurt but she’s very excited to lose her baby teeth.

    If she was scared of losing her teeth I would probably make it a fun occasion for her and make her feel like she is now becoming that big girl that she wants to be.(Sorry if this isn’t helpful.)

  7. we are dealing with that too…

    the money from the toothfairie seems to ease some of the pain.

  8. books I use with my first grade students…

    Moose’s Loose Tooth by Jacqueline Clark

    Arthur’s Tooth by Marc Brown
    Throw Your Tooth on the Roof by Selby Beeler

  9. My poor Girl was actually in a lot of pain as the roots of her baby teeth dissolved, so we took her to the dentist and he explained what was happening…
    … which was not exactly magical, now that I think about it, but worked nicely.

  10. I bought my Granddaughter a “Tooth box” — at some gift shop…to put under her pillow for her teeth. It seemed to help.

  11. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says

    I am definitely going to study up on this as my oldest turns 6 in June and I know it is just a matter of time before she gets a wiggly tooth!


  12. My children play off my emotions, so when my son lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and saw that his mommy was excited about it, he, in turn, was excited about his tooth loss, too.
    Wow, that sentence had a lot of commas.

    Talking about the wads of cash the tooth fairy brings doesn’t hurt either (in our case he got quarters galore, maybe $5 in quarters).

    There may be a book out there or something, but we are doing fine without one so far. My daughter may be another story.

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