What Women Want

That title is awesome, is it not??

I could give you my immediate short list:

  • a Caramel Sonic Java Chiller
  • a hammer to knock down this writer’s block wall I’ve hit this week
  • a Caramel Sonic Java Chiller
  • oh, and did I mention a Caramel sonic Java Chiller (they use ice cream in those things! not just ice and frozen coffee… ice.cream.)
  • a couple extra hours today

My list on days that start too early:

  • a huge pot of coffee
  • the ability to get everything I need to do before 8:00AM done in my sleep

For the long-term (see my full list of [sadly neglected] goals here):

  • about 20 pounds to magically vanish from my body
  • a beauty team to come in an give me a makeover
  • to get my butt movin’ and finally train for a marathon
  • and get my design business rockin’ again

But really, when it comes down to it, what do women want?

Lisa T. Bergren & Rebecca Price have written a book that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it at the bookstore. I am a person who totally judges a book by its cover, and this book is gorgeous!! Look!:


Isn’t that lovely?

But you know what is really super-fab about this book? The contents supercede the cover.

I neglected to mention that the subtitle is: The Life You Crave and How God Satisfies. And that is the true beauty of this book. Because that is what it really boils down to. (Boil it, skim off the scum and fat and you are left with something tasty for the soul)

In all of their research they discovered what women do want. Women “simply crave more of what we value most – deeper relationships, stronger faith, more meaningful work, better balance and happier homes.”

This would be a great book to work through with the women in your bible study. If you don’t have one, I’d like to encourage you to consider starting one.

To read excerpts:

For a chance to win a copy, follow these instructions:

Rebecca Price and Lisa Bergren want all about your “sister of the heart”… send the girls an email at amy@litfusegroup.com telling who your best friend is and why she is your “heart sister”!

Your stories will be posted at the Satisfied Heart blog…the story with the most comments will win a copy of What Women Want and the What Women Want soundtrack of their choice for themselves and for their “heart sister”!

And…if that wasn’t enough, leave a comment on this post and they’ll toss your name into the hat for a $15 Starbucks Card. You know…just in case you need that cup of get-up-and-go to get you motivated for your Bible study!


  1. That book sounds GREAT!
    You know what my sweetie does for me before he leaves for work in the summer? He makes me a coffee, puts my coffee stuff in it and then puts it in a water bottle in the freezer. A couple of HOURS later, when I’m up, voila, a frosted coffee for me. What a good man.

  2. spoiledmom says

    I love the caramel sonic java chiller (sometimes add hazelnut, too!)

    and the cinnasnacks…….yum-o

    oh, and the mac and cheese snacks…stole one from my daughter last night, how do they deep fry mac n cheese???

    LOL now I want a java chiller!

  3. I just bought that book and I am starting it this Monday! I am super weird and can only ‘start’ studies on Mondays.
    Too cool Great post darlin’ one.

  4. Lisa Tawn Bergren says

    I’m more into the traditional Mocha Frappacinos. What’s not to like when you combine chocolate, coffee and sugar??? Oh, and thanks for sharing with your readers about our book. :-)

    Lisa Bergren

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