What The?! week 38 *extended*

what the No one has correctly guessed the item in last weeks What The?! contest, so I am extending it.

Because I neglected this site for the past week while I worked on Blissfully Domestic, and didn’t award an August winner, I am going to keep that one up until someone guesses it, but I am going to make it worth your while to be the correct guesser.

Whoever correctly guesses the image will be sent:

Dave Matthew Band: DMB Live Trax Vol. 6 (Fenway Park Bostone, MA) 4 CD set

REM Live CD + DVD (2 CD set)


Bob Dylan Chronicles vol. one (paperback book)

Check out last weeks post and leave your guess there. I will keep it open until someone guesses correctly. And by correctly, I’m looking for a correct specific.

Good Luck!!


  1. http://Lalena says

    this is a hard one!
    Maybe the top of a piano or
    a baby’s changing table?

  2. http://Bonnie says

    Part of an orchid?

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