What The?! – week 32


Want a chance to win a blog button for promoting your blog?

Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

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This weeks photo:

closeup week 32

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


ahem… still cracking up over the comments.

Congrats to: JMBMommy for correctly guessing popcorn. She is on a bit of a blogging break, but stop over and tell her hello. She has a lovely blog; so well written. And I really liked this post.

As always ~ Thanks for playing along! Y’all are the best! You’re my favorite internets ~mwah~


  1. http://Anne says

    Ok, maybe I am way too literal, but I’m guessing starfish. (Fingers crossed!)

  2. http://Adrienne says


  3. http://Susan%20Reynolds says

    hmmmm sea creature – bumpy – five leggy like things. Shaped like a star. Gotta be a starfish unless you’re really tricking us!

  4. http://Beth%20(A%20Mom's%20Life) says

    Shoot! I was going to say starfish! I’m always a day late and a dollar short!

  5. http://Melissa says

    star fish

  6. http://TAMI says

    Yep – Starfish …

  7. http://Heather says

    a starfish :)

  8. http://PENSIEVE says

    A starfish :)

  9. http://Robin%20(the%20pensieve%20one) says


    I responded so quickly, I registered my comment with a name that won’t “go anywhere”, AND…I didn’t see everyone else had guessed it.

    Bummer :/.

    (Unless a whole lot of us are just plain WRONG!)


  10. http://Tanna%20Clark says


  11. http://HRH says

    Crap. I am a bit late to this party. But I will have a little of that popcorn while guessing starfish as well.

  12. http://Elizabeth says

    starfish! :-)

  13. http://Kent says


  14. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says


  15. http://Laurel%20Wreath says

    Cool up close picture of a starfish.

  16. http://Peggy says

    Me again…I did the button than I scrolled down and saw This week’s…which looks like part of a starfish…but many have guessed this! When are you posting the photo? Weekly or you mentioned drawing monthly so … ohh I get it the correct ones go into the drawing or just the first one? I missed the “popcorn”.
    I added your contest button with a link! This is fun…good eye for detail and close-up photography!!!

  17. http://Peggy says

    I thought this was too easy and saw everybody saying this: starfish…so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say part of a piece of cereal
    like Chex or I don’t even know names of cereal anymore…but something nutritious!

    Just had to be different!

  18. http://twithhoney says

    Once again I’m late to the party but it would be rude to leave without guessing. It’s a starfish, right?

  19. http://Momma%20Mary says

    wow. i thought i’d finally get one! STARFISH. Anyone surprised. Yeah, I didn’dt think so.

    And thanks, you look lovely today too.

  20. http://mah-meee says


    a star shaped crusty bread?

    i’ll stick with starfish for now.

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