What The?! – week 31

what theWant a chance to win a blog button for promoting your blog?

Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

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This weeks photo:

close up week 31

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


ahem… still cracking up over the comments.


Congrats to: Monica at Paper Bridges! Be sure to read this post on the imaginary conversation she had with her husband about going to BlogHer. I can totally relate.

Remember to go back and read through other people’s guesses on these posts. They are always a riot.

As always ~ Thanks for playing along! Y’all are the best! You’re my favorite internets ~mwah~


  1. JMBMOMMY says:


  2. You really have to get up early to beat JMBMOMMY or just stay up all night. Popcorn was definitely my guess, but since I’m your mom, I guess that makes me inelligible!! I’m just glad that you made it past last week’s guesses.
    Love you,

  3. Heather says:

    Definitely popcorn :) And I am so surprised that last pic was an apple … I was sure it was a, oh, never mind … ;)

  4. R.L.Scovens says:

    popcorn or icecream

  5. Heather says:

    I was going to say popcorn, too! I’m glad to see what last week’s pic actually was :)

  6. t with honey says:

    That’s too easy… popcorn.

  7. JMBMOMMY says:

    LOL! I stumbled across your blog last night — and yes, I am an insane night OWL — :) Hope the guessing was opend to anyone :)

  8. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Looks like some popcorn, to me. Maybe a little butter on it, as well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Definitely popcorn; I agree with your mom! Have a great week!


  10. Elizabeth says:

    has to be popcorn, right?

  11. Laurel Wreath says:

    Yummy Popcorn!!! Dang, now I need to go make some =))

  12. It’s obviously POPCORN … which makes me wonder if this is a TRICK picture – you know, reverse psychology or something?!

  13. Mel @ A Box of Chocolates says:

    Just to be different I’m going to say a Rice Cake thingy. I think that’s what they are called! Trying to look at things from a different view I guess.

  14. Popcorn! One day I’ll be the first guesser :)

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