What The?! – week 28

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Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

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This weeks photo:

close up week 28

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


(This is an old photo of my daughter painting.)

R.L. did it again!

As always ~ Thanks for playing along! Y’all are the best! You’re my favorite internets ~mwah~


  1. http://Dawn%20@%20Coming%20to%20a%20Nursery%20Near%20You says

    I’m going to go with guacamole?

  2. http://Mom%20with%20a%20Scattered%20Mind says

    I’ll have to say an Omelette LOL

  3. http://R.L.Scovens says

    Hooray!! I may have found my calling!LOL

    For this one I’m gonna say the inside of a flower? I don’t know what that part is called. The pollinating part!lol

  4. http://Cyndy says

    Brocciflower…you know that cross between cauliflower and broccoli? Kind of looks like green cauliflower?

    So Brocciflower is my guess.

  5. http://mer says

    A biscuit?

    Though it kinda looks green, so perhaps brocolli or guacamole?

  6. http://TX%20Poppet says

    I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it growing in my son’s gym locker.

  7. http://mer says

    Okay…givin’ this another try.

    Fried okra?
    Fried green tomato?
    Fried zucchini?

  8. http://Valarie says

    I’m gonna have to go with guacamole. :o)

  9. http://Lisa says

    I think someone already said this, but it looks like a yummy omelet with lots of good stuff life veggies and cheese gooeying out of it. Or, maybe I am just really hungry this morning. ha ha

  10. http://Sandy%20M says

    cereal flakes in milk?

  11. http://Jane%20@%20What%20About%20Mom? says

    peas of some sort. or moss. or slimy, decomposing leaves. how many guesses do we get?

    soggy lucky charms–the green flakes.

  12. http://Domestic%20Spaz says

    Green Cake!

  13. http://Adventures%20In%20Babywearing says

    I was going to say guacamole, too, but that seems too easy. Some sort of yummy green ice cream cone??


  14. http://TLC says

    I say it’s an omelette. Maybe with spinach. Now I’m hungry.

  15. http://Momma%20Mary says

    I want to say sherbet… but I really think it’s some sort of moldy sandwich. :)

  16. http://Kimmy says

    Caesar salad?

  17. http://Stacey says

    A spinach tortilla wrap of some sort?

  18. http://jezebelsk says

    Lettuce, I definitely think it’s lettuce. Fun contest!

  19. http://Betsy says

    Maybe lettece or a green tortilla (spinach tortilla).

  20. http://misty says

    Icing, cake.


  21. http://TAMI says

    A potato chip – slightly underripe!

  22. http://Uniquely%20Yours says

    I’d guess that it was guacamole or a lemon?

  23. http://Lalena says

    I’ll go out on a limb and try…one of those fat tomato caterpillars??? If so…ick. If its guacamole…yum!

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