What The – Week 27

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Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

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This weeks photo:

closeup 27

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


Y’all had to go and get all technical on me: rice bowl, steamer… on and on y’all went with your smartypants answers. Which confused me as to how to decide who answered correctly. Because that basket? Yeah – it may be a rice steamer… but I have no clue. I just thought basket. So, in order to be fair, I’m allowing 3 winners this week.

Alicia, at Homestate {where commenting is mandatory!}. And would you take a look at the last photo on this post! That is a playhouse she sewed that goes over the dining room table. Please tell me how you did that, Alicia!

Yard Sale Princess, at Digging for Treasure. Check out her lovely photos.

And Abbreviated, at Buried in Legos. {I’m doing some work for her soon.}

As always ~ Thanks for playing along! Y’all are the best! You’re my favorite internets ~mwah~


  1. http://R.L.Scovens says

    a painting!

  2. http://R.L.Scovens says

    a watercolor painting?

  3. http://HRH says

    a kiddie pool.

  4. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    Pool floaty things. What are they called?

  5. http://Beckie says

    A pool toy?

  6. http://Alicia says

    How funny! The weaving just reminded me of my rice steamer–plus I wanted to WIN!
    I hand stitched the playhouse that you saw..and did it on the fly based on a photo I saw in an internet catalog. They were selling theirs for over $100!

  7. http://Jennifer%20Bogart says

    It looks like an uninflated kiddie pool to me..

  8. http://Elizabeth says

    inflatable pool floaties. :-) i think someone already guessed this? :-)

  9. http://Vera says

    Deflated pool toys… I’m only like the hundredth person to say that, I know!!

  10. http://Abbreviated says

    partially deflated pool waist toy

  11. http://Yard%20Sale%20Princess says

    Thank you, Karla. I have been so busy that it has been about two weeks since I checked back here. I will win one of your giveaways soon…I know I will.

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