What The?! – week 23

Have I properly thanked y’all for playing along with me at this silly little game?? I know I haven’t – and shame on me! So let me now: Thank you! It makes my Tuesday even more fun.

what the

Want a chance to win a super cute handmade item from Crafty Carolina Girl? Girlfriend make some adorable items. I will post a photo of the item for this giveaway next week. (She is still willing to help me out, even though I am so behind in helping her out with some buttons for her new Etsy store)

Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

To enter to win:
Make your guess in the comments.
The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the super fab crafty item.
There will be one prize winner per month.
That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

*For more info on the contest, please see this page.
**Let me know if you are interested in giving something away in the future. You would be responsible for getting it to the winner.

This weeks photo:

closeup week 22

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


Was that one too easy?

The winner was Mackenzie’s Momma, who is not only raising a daughter, but raises dairy goats.

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  1. That lady with 6 daughters says

    the middle of a sunflower, you beautiful blogging babe.

  2. peacock feather??

  3. Loralee Choate says

    Freaking SWEET! I love Fussy’s jewelery.

  4. Loralee Choate says

    Eeek…I can’t find your email address…

  5. Middle of a sunflower. I’ve known the last 3 and someone always answers before me!! Dadgummit :-)
    Oh well, what are you gonna do?

  6. twithhoney says

    Could it be an acorn cap?

  7. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    I think it’s the bottom of an acorn:) am I right???

  8. Definitely an acorn cap…I think. :-)

  9. spoiledmom says

    it looks like the middle of a sunflower, but you might be getting sneaky…

    a baby pinecone??

    definately not a caramel sonic java chiller….. LOL


  10. Anonymous says

    Karla, I love Tuesday’s so I can guess what the picture is. This week I am absolutely stumped!!!!
    Still love reading your blogs.


    Joce Wetzel

  11. desperateblogger says

    it’s a durian or jackfruit

  12. I say sunflower too…

  13. I feel the need to be different, so I’m going to say it’s the heart of an artichoke.

    (Even though I think the people who said sunflower were probably right!)

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