What the? [week 2]

Remember last week, when I said I’d try to post a photo every week for y’all to guess either what was wrong with it or what it was?

Well guess what? I’m keeping my word. Oh, yes I am.

To recap:

I’ve decided to try something fun.
I’m going to TRY to find weekly pictures to post of random things that may not make sense together or closeups of items for you to guess what they are.

What will you receive if you get it right?
Nope. Not money.
Uh-uh. Not a new car.

What I can give you is a chance to win a blog header* from me.
I’ve been getting some nice responses on my headers since starting my blog.
I’m not a pro. I don’t know anything about programming. But I can create a nice header for you to place on your blog. (If you don’t want a blog header, please leave a comment saying hello.)

To enter to win:
Make your guess in the comments.
The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the header.
There will be one blog header winner per month. That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

**Even if you aren’t interested in a header, I had a few people who mentioned things they’d love to give away. So be sure to keep checking back for that.

Here is this week’s photo:

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


  1. tomatoes growing under the snow!

  2. Flowers with snow on them?

  3. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    Little red berries. With snow. Mama needs a header.

  4. robzonenet says:

    chili peppers

  5. An upclose shot of a red and white fabric…

  6. Peppers with freezer burn?

  7. Red mittens holding snow?

  8. Christine says:

    I also think snow…but my guess is that it’s on a red car (bottom left corner looks like a bit of headlight to me).

  9. Berries covered in mold.

  10. my guess is a leave covered in snow/frost. the leaves are all still hanging around here and we’ve had some flurries…but definitely not the 8 inches my mom got yesterday! :)


    p.s. I like the freezer burn guess. yeah. that NEVER happens here. :)

  11. Tomatos under snow?

  12. WorksForMom says:

    Snow on a car? Hmmmph….

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