What The?! Week 14

*my new hairdo photos are in the post below*

Want a chance to win some super fab jewelry? Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

To enter to win:
Make your guess in the comments.
The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the header.
There will be one prize winner per month.
That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

*For more info on the contest, please see this page.

**Let me know if you are interested in giving something away in the future. You would be responsible for getting it to the winner.

This weeks photo:

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:

Congrats to Meredith at Life at 7000 Feet! A lot of you started out on the right track… but she was the first to correctly guess four-leaf clover. Meredith has a sweet blog and she is super cute! She’s been busy training for a summer hike up Pike’s Peak.

Now go take a stab at this week’s photo.


  1. Yard Sale Princess says:

    I am going to guess that this is a close up picture of an orchid.

  2. Laura/DaPFG says:

    finally one i knew and she got to it before me! drat!

  3. The Other Huse says:

    yeah, I was on the orchid track too.

  4. Woohoo! I can’t believe I guessed it first last time! So exciting!! But I have no stinkin’ idea what this weeks’ photo is of!

  5. I was going to say that it was the inside of an orchid, but I didn’t say it fast enough – rats!

  6. Not the Queen says:

    Definitely an orchid.

  7. Man, I think it’s an orchid too. Specifically, I think it’s either a Cambria or a Spotted Owl.

  8. Silly me, I thought it was a moth!

  9. With Easter coming, I’m guessing it is the center of an Easter Lilly.

  10. I’m with Heather – I immediately thought of a very pretty moth.

    Wow. Good for Mer, guessing that was a four leaf clover.

  11. Ok, so much for my guess. I was just going to guess a flower petal. Anyway, hi! Found you through entrecard. =) Great blog you have here. =)


  12. Future Envy of the PTA says:

    Looks like a seashell

  13. Future Envy of the PTA says:

    oh- email is

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