What The? [week 10] and winner of last weeks guess

Want a chance to win a new blog header? Guess what the following closeup is a picture of. (If you’d like to see some of my work before you decide to answer that question, view this page for some samples)

To enter to win:
Make your guess in the comments.
The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the header.
There will be one prize winner per month.
That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

*For more info on the contest, please see this page.

**Let me know if you are interested in giving something away in the future. You would be responsible for getting it to the winner.

This weeks photo:

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Last weeks photo:

correctly guessed by Cahleen at In His Footsteps. She is a missionary in Taiwan and I loved looking around her blog. Go see for yourself!


  1. http://Crafty%20Carolinagirl says

    Is it chocolate Valentine’s Day candy?

  2. Oh, bummer, I was going to say chocolates too! I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

  3. http://seven says

    See’s chocolates.

  4. This is the first one that I have actually thought I knew. I am so bad at this game! :o)

    But I was going to say a box of Valentine’s Chocolate.

  5. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    Well, I was going to guess a box of See’s chocolates, but a box of Godiva chocolates? Now I’m drooling…

  6. http://Laura/DaPFG says

    a picture from a CATALOG of a box of chocolates?

    oh K, i’m sure you have us all fooled.

  7. http://THE%20OTHER%20HUSE says

    ugh, I give up. I was all over this one, but nope….y’all were all over it too.

  8. http://Gray%20Matters says

    I’m going out on a limb . . . A box of Whitmans’ Valentine Chocolates.

  9. http://Alyssa says

    Chocolates :)

  10. http://Jolanthe says

    oh – that is so chocolate! :) yum, yum!!

    you are a much braver woman than I am in knitting. I actually thought about trying it…maybe once the girl’s start asking. :)


  11. pot of gold chocloates!

  12. http://acupofjoy says

    Whitman’s Sampler Chocolates?


  13. goodness, I’m not going to guess the brand, but it looks to me to be what’s left of a box of chocolates that somebody’s already dipped into!

  14. http://Yard%20Sale%20Princess says

    Oh, that my friend, is a box of truffles. I cannot say from what company because when I eat chocolate I don’t slow down to see who made it. But I know that those little lines or whirls of chocolate on the top tell are in a particular pattern that identify the yummy insides of each truffle!

  15. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says


  16. http://Megan says

    Yah, I thought i was a genius when I figured out that they were chocolates… sooo excited …until I clicked the comments! Shoot! haha

  17. http://Cahleen%20何凱琳 says

    Yeah! I’m so happy I won! For this week, I had a similar experience as Megan. I knew they were chocolate. but as soon as I saw the comments I realized everyone beat me to the bunch. Drat! Anyway, I really like your blog! =)

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