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Join me here on my blog every Tuesday for a chance to win some great prizes.

Here’s how it will all work:

Every Tuesday, I will post a close up of a photo.

In the comments, make your guess of what it is (be sure that you have a way for me to contact your through email)

Make as many guesses as you like.

Since I don’t sit at my computer non-stop, I won’t always be able to stop the contest as soon as someone guesses correctly. Besides, I love reading your guesses, so the more the merrier.

The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the prize.
There will be one prize winner per month. That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

I would love for this to be promoted, so feel free to grab the button below.

What will I win?

Currently, I am offering a free blog header for the winner. I’ve been getting some nice responses on my headers since starting my blog. (Click here for samples of my work)

Remember though, I’m not a pro. I don’t know anything about programming. But I can create a nice header for you to place on your blog. (If you don’t want a blog header, please leave a comment saying hello.)

I am considering other prize options such as:
a .pdf version of a Mommy Card for you to be able to print off on your own at home. Or maybe someone else would like to offer something as a prize at different times. Let me know if you are interested in offering something. (You will be responsible for getting it to the winner)

*Disclaimer: because I am offering this for free and for fun, obviously it will not be a blog header that requires exuberant amounts of time from me. This is a free header. It will not be ugly. I will work with you to create something fun for your blog. But I won’t be spending hours on revisions for you. You tell me what you want. And I will do my best to create it. If you don’t like what I create, then throw it in your recycle bin. This is meant to be fun and not something that makes my kids resent me.


  1. http://mommyofmany says

    Is it a flower?

  2. http://mommyofmany says

    Is it a bug?

  3. http://Natalie%20Jost says

    I LOVE your disclaimer! I should be more strict about that myself.

    About your mommy cards – you could also do “blog cards” – same thing but cards to match their blog (and not just for moms). I did this when I was starting out and it was a hit. Just make sure the blog owner has rights to the graphics to make sure they can be used in a different format (some designers only allow rights for use on the blog as designed). ecards worked well too, something to attach to your email as a signature.

  4. http://Peggy says

    Bless you Karla… I’ve wanted a button for so long or just the know how to do one for my blog or a meme…not so good a computer stuff!
    I even went to Favicon or something like that besides Photobucket and one other! 101 Blogging was helping me as I read and read!But ya gotta know where to start and how to html. And even how to get a box to put it in!

    I came here via Becoming Me Blog Mission Tour, I went to Elizabeth, who mentioned you…loved your background and blog..was reading about SheSpeaks and noticed this:)

    I had 3 guesses-I even tried to think of the link to your name/title Looking Towards Heaven
    which I really LOVE!!! Wish I had thought of something so inspiring! Anyways…GUESSES:
    (1) seashell
    (2) petal of a flower (because of the yellow center and red flecks…though I don’t know the name as others mentioned)
    (3) a slice of onion layers

    I kinda thought a fingernail extension til I looked better!

  5. http://renee%20altson says

    it’s a shower head

  6. http://Brenda says

    Is it a shower head?

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