What More Could We Possibly Need?

Are we ever satisfied?

That is the question I have spinning around in my head today.

Does it ever stop? Are we ever able to just sit back and say “I have enough. Thank you, Lord”?

I don’t think that this side of Heaven, we will know that filled up and satisfied feeling that doesn’t go away.

There is always something more, around the corner, waiting for us to oogle, desire, covet, want… Like the Israelites in the desert, we aren’t content with the Lord’s idea of being blessed. Even if we live in the biggest house on the block, we worry that we could lose it all tomorrow. Or that a new gadget will come out tomorrow and we will have to wait until *gasp* it goes on sale.

Our idea of blessed is when things are going our way; when we aren’t struggling with bills, when we have a home that has extra room for all of our things that we have been able to acquire.

We may start out humbly, and simply, with good intentions (you know what they say about those…) and small needs, but as soon as that need is met, we have a new need that takes it’s place.

Before long, even our definition of “need” changes… At first it’s: “I need food”, “I need new shoes, I’ve out grown my only pair.” It gradually becomes “I need that new car.” “I need that beautiful dress.” “I need my living room redecorated.”

I’m no different. It’s our flesh. But that doesn’t mean we should feed it. We try to teach our children not to have the “gimme gimmes” – but do we set the example for them? Or are we just teaching them that one of the perks of becoming an adult is that then it is okay to feed those desires?

We won’t ever be satisfied on our own. We will always want more.

Every day, we need to lay our flesh down before the Lord and ask Him to be the source of our needs, what we desire and to be what satisfies us.

Below is a song by Sara Groves. I love this song, because it is such an excellent example and mirror of what we all struggle with. Sometimes, all it takes is a small nudge to get us headed back in the right direction.

It’s a bouncy little ditty, that defies the depth of it’s meaning. Consider it prayerfully.

All I Need by Sara Groves

Newly married, new apartment
All our furniture was saved from the dump
Yes dear maybe we can afford a trashcan next month

All I need is my love for you and a seat for two

New baby new life
We will teach him to speak French
We’ve got no money so we’ll make it all ourselves
I’ll make the curtains and you make the shelves

All I need is a power saw and a new sewing machine

Honey, this house needs a little something
That bare mantle doesn’t look so good
Someone told me of a man
Who makes animals from driftwood

All I need is your monthly bonus for a wooden walrus

Honey, the Colbaughs are coming over
This house needs some renovations
Just a wall or two, just a little room
And a few new decorations

All I need is a sectional and a satellite TV
and dark-wood cabinets that were custom built for me
and a painting by that guy that paints with his feet…

That’s all I need

For now

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Php 4:19


  1. This song rocks! Loved the post. So true. We ALL need to work on this. Thanks.

  2. What a very convicting post, Karla. And so true. Half the things I say I “need” is more probably better defined as a “want”.

  3. Great post, this is so true!

    I love that song too.

    Love your new header!

  4. Yeah. Because enough is never enough.

  5. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says

    wonderful post! so important for me to keep being reminded of this. thanks :)

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