What is wrong with this picture?

You may have to click on the photo to figure it out.


  1. http://Sarah says

    what’s wrong is someone shouldn’t have to deal with wrinkles and acne, it should be one or the other.

  2. http://Jenn says

    My answer is Sarah’s exactly. Sadly, I am a person who deals with pimples, but also is getting wrinkles around my mouth (laugh lines they call them – but there is NOTHING funny about them)and on my forehead. Yet my skin is a grease pit, with breakouts and big pores. What is a girl to do? :o)

    Thanks for the fun contest. Both of your suggestions sound great. I would love a custom header for my Blog and I am also interested in the Mommy Cards – so the PDF version sounds good.

  3. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    I love the idea of the contest. I don’t have any kids, so the Mommy cards really wouldn’t work for me, but a new banner would be cool. I would also love a button with my blog name. I can’t figure out how to do those!

    I could donate something for a prize. . . maybe a crocheted toy, scarf, or purse. I don’t know if that is the kind of gift you have in mind. I would need a little time to pull it together though. And after Christmas ;)

  4. http://Beck says

    Wrinkles and acne together are just WRONG.

  5. http://Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    I don’t have a guess on the picture as I am sure the previous ladies are RIGHT – but I wanted to say what a great idea!! You really do have a great flair for design. Go for it, mama!

    And I would TOTALLY pay $15 for a Fruition Designs mama card that I could print off myself. Totally.

    You are just full of great ideas today, girl!

  6. http://Missy says

    I was also going to say that it is a result of the Fall to have to deal with acne and wrinkles. The oil from the acne should keep you soft and supple.

    Kind of how i feel when I pop a zit and then immediately pluck a gray hair. Not fair.

    $15 pdf = yup.

  7. http://Barb%20@%20A%20Chelsea%20Morning says

    Imagine getting pimples on your wrinkles. Trust me, the wrinkles are enough to deal with, without adding in the pimples.

    Nope, I don’t want a new header even if it isn’t ugly. :-) I just dropped by to say hello and ask if you’ve gotten beyond separating the floss on that advent calendar yet. Scary, isn’t it? LOL

  8. http://WorksForMom says

    I’m just saying hello, but you are good with the graphics Karla. Woo hoo!!

  9. http://Kimmy says

    Hi, Karla. I hadn’t been able to “visit” for a while, but I LOVE the new look of your blog. I have no idea how to answer your question about the picture you posted . . . but I’m not here for the contest. I was just dropping by to say “HI” and “HAVE A GREAT DAY!”

  10. http://amyanne says

    yes, as the ladies said above, the products are for two different types of skin…acne prone and mature skin… I’d love the header.

  11. http://Sarah says

    You don’t use these items together(hopefully)…one is for the younger generation, and one is for the mature generation!

    Fun idea! :)

    I do like your header, too!

    sharvey at connections-etc dot net

  12. FUNNY!!! I stumbled upon your blog looking for the “Gobble Gobble Good Turkey Recipe” that my son’s first grade teacher gave him.

    I loved the look of your banner & you looked a like a cute SOuthern girl I could realate too! :) …SO, I read on.

    This cracks me up because my husband (39) and myself (36) are always asking each other when does puberty finally END?! Know that you are not alone in this secret shame…ha ha!

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