What is bouncing around in my head today…

Where does the time go? It seems as if just posted on here, and then I realize it’s been almost a week…

Some random questions I have for today:

Do bluejays stay away from Tennessee until October? Do they migrate and we are a stopping point on their journey? Because all of the sudden we have swarms of them (or would that be flocks?? herds?? schools??) I can look out at the yard right now and see no less than 8 male bluejays pecking around the ground.

Does a Playschool Kitchen count as patio furniture? Because we got a letter from the rental office yesterday (that went out to everyone around the complex) that we are only allowed to have potted/hanging plants, patio furniture and bikes kept on our patios. And we had until 7 am this morning to remove anything that wasn’t listed or they would do it for us. But it is 10:30 and I look across the courtyard and there is a Playschool Kitchen on the patio across the way.

Now, I could care less about said Kitchen. But I have a HUGE pet peeve about having a rule and not enforcing it. Maybe it is because I have kids. Maybe that is why my daughter had to miss dance class last night…

Do people in the South really think squirrel is a delicacy? Because right now, my husband and son are out squirrel hunting. And when he told his co-workers he was going, they all asked him if he could get some for them!

Does too much yeast make a loaf of bread not rise properly? Because I made a loaf last night and I think I might have put too much yeast in. And my husband asked what I did to the bread…

Feel free to leave any answers to these questions in my comments.



  1. http://Adventures%20In%20Babywearing says

    Oh I love Tennessee and bluejays. You should take some pictures!

  2. http://Anonymous says

    Ha – squirrel!! Get this….

    My hubby brought home a recipe for roasted groundhog. Yes – it was SERIOUS!!!

  3. http://Big%20Mama says

    As the wife of a Southern hunter, I think that anything you can go out and shoot for dinner is considered a delicacy. : )

  4. http://The%20Imperfect%20Christian says

    “Does a Playschool Kitchen count as patio furniture?”

    Why yes, yes it does!!

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