What happens when you are upstairs putting laundry away

He isn’t old enough yet to know you don’t stick around the evidence. He was quite proud of his accomplishment.

(Toy gun is an added ‘nice touch’, yes?)


  1. Darla~SassyHomemaker says

    OMGosh that’s hilarious.

    …..I mean sorry for you pain.

  2. Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt says

    I have been there so. many. times. :)

    PS – my kids love to vacuum, too, good thing.

  3. Michelle Smiles says

    Oh my! Well…perhaps an excuse to have hubby put away the laundry in the future? LOL

  4. Jennifer says

    Yuck! I thought it was cereal but on closer look I am thinking it is potato chips, greasy smashed potato chips. You gotta love the way little brains work. LOL!

  5. Hey, why are you taking pictures of my house? :)

    We have the same look. Perhaps we are … well, house-souls (if there is a term).


    Twitter: AboutParenting

  6. yes, Jennifer – that would be potato chips! Or more accurately greasy potato chip CRUMBS.
    (I still get a giggle at the photos with him in it. He was so proud lol)

    Mike – your boys play with chips and guns on the stairs too? So glad I’m not alone in that ;0)

    Michelle – that is perfect. He’ll probably just tell me to put the chips up higher…

    Moriah – what was your secret to getting them to vacuum? Actually, mine would probably love it. The vacuum is just to heavy for them still. (is this an excuse to get a new one??? hmmmm…)

    Darla – :-P

  7. Beth @ I Should Be Folding Laundry says

    And that is why I never put laundry away. It always leads to trouble.

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