What happened to the warm weather?

At least we don’t have five gazillion feet of snow, but I do wish it would warm up. It would be one thing if we hadn’t had really nice warm weather for a couple of weeks. It’s been down-right chilly…

I just tried taking a picture of Quinn taking his nap, but I can’t get enough light unless I want to wake him up… he is sleeping with his Spiderman baseball cap on. He loves that hat and has decided it helps him sleep better. He slept in it last night too. It’s so cute and I HAVE to get a picture of it.

I just read on the online version of the Park Falls (WI) Herald (where we used to live) that the paper mill is closing down. It has closed before and been bought by other companies, but I have friends whose family depends on that mill. Prayers for all of those families.

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