What good is blogging?

Tonight I got sucked down a rabbit hole that placed me smack in the middle of my old blog posts.

Those journeys always start so innocently, don’t they?

All I wanted to do was check for broken links. But alas, I found myself thrust back into a different world that seems both a million years ago and yet, a mere second ago.

I’m not the first person to ponder the point of blogging, or what, if  any, value there is to it. Many have written about it way more eloquently than I will, but I couldn’t help but try to capture a bit of what I’m feeling right now.

Vulnerable: I was surprised by the rawness and openness that I had in many of my posts. Many of my posts were (are) soul-searching… seeking meaning and purpose in events that have occurred in my life. It’s hard to look over those sorts of things and not instinctively touch the spot where the wound has healed, no matter how invisible or ugly the scar.

Guilt: Blogging provides only a snapshot of a person’s life. As I read through some of those old posts, I cringed at the picture I portrayed of certain aspects of my life and the stories that weren’t being told.

Pressure: I always want to be moving forward and improving at the things that are important to me. Writing is one of those things. Yet, I sometimes put so much pressure on myself to write the next great blog post (heh) that no words come. I have a sheet filled with blog post topics and ideas. Dozens of unfinished drafts saved. I walk around composing blog posts in my head only to draw a blank when face-to-face with my monitor.

Comforted: While there are pieces missing on some levels, blogging adds a layer of richness to the legacy that we each have. While it may not be printed in a book that’s sitting on my shelf, the fact that I am leaving a trail of something that my children can one day read and, hopefully, understand me, and thus themselves more, brings me great comfort.

Grateful: I’ve had three computers die since I started blogging. I’ve lost hundreds of photos each time (excuse me while I try not to vomit at that thought…) Because I blog and share snippets of my life via photos, many of those photos were not gone forever. As I looked over photos I hadn’t seen in several years, I was flooded by the memories encapsulated within each image.

Encouraged: To be able to look back over experiences I’ve had and see how I grew from each is pretty amazing. (Along with that, I’m so grateful that I’ve written so much of these things down, because apparently, I have the worst memory ever. And who couldn’t use a reminder of how far they’ve come, once in awhile?)

All of these feelings flooded me tonight and it was important for me to sift through them and embrace each and every one.

Blogging has caused me to examine myself more. To see the importance in the stories that fill my life. To be grateful for all of the days I’ve had with my children, loved ones and friends, no matter how perfect or painful.

Is there value in blogging? Heck yeah.

(PS – if you dare venture back through my archives, be warned: while there is quite a bit of depth, there is also a lot of fluff. Oh, and if you see broken links, please let me know. I’d prefer to not have to head down the rabbit hole on a daily basis)


  1. Could have written this myself only there was more fluff in my posts years ago than vulnerability…. kinda. Or cryptic speak. I’m on a mission to stop faking the funk. It’s blogs that are super polished that make others feel like they could never measure up and I never want for someone to feel that way when they read my blog. I always end up taking a trip down memory line when checking for broken links. I’ll refrain from doing so til this weekend or else I’ll be up all night, lol.

    • http://Karla says

      Sheena: there are many blog that I have had to avoid at various times of my journey, for that very reason! Even when I know the writer and adore them, sometimes the pressure pushes in too hard!

      I’ll check for your broken links, if you’ll check for mine, m’kay? ;)

      • Me too, I had to tune out quite a few blogs and stay off of Twitter for a while because I need not focus on what everyone else is doing. Call it selfish, but it worked ;). Emailin’ ya re: broken links.

  2. All of your points are so true! Blogging has completely changed me as a person in so many ways. I now appreciate all of the moments of life that used to be the “margin” so much more. Great post!

    • http://Karla says

      Thanks, Rachel! I remember that moment long ago, when I realized how blogging really was having a positive impact on my life and how I live it.

  3. http://Bandoheme says

    Well said. I’m on the brink of all this “stuff” but haven’t taken the plunge. Your insight is helpful and encouraging.

  4. now. before you do anything else.. DOWNLOAD THOSE IMAGE FILES!!!!! save them on a disk somewhere.. I’ve always loved your blog.. and you..

  5. You have a beautiful blog, the ideas and pictures.

  6. Love your blog! I’ve given you the Liebster award. Congrats!! Pop on over for directions.

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