What are these scales on my nose and how did they get there?

*okay – so I didn’t quit the internet – I had to do something for April 1st.

If I believed in evolution (which I’m not going to debate here – Love YA!), I would wonder if we were headed in to some sort of devolution – going the opposite way. Or maybe I’m about to prove evolution and just don’t know it (Hey! I’m the missing link!!).

What in the world is she talking about?!?!

During my first pregnancy, I developed red itchy flaky spots on my scalp and around my nose. They become really painful and sore.

And eewwww, the flaky scaly stuff.
Here, let me show you:

Lovely, isn’t it. (Do I really need to try to explain how I tied evolution into this post? ‘Cause it’s late and at the time, it seemed pretty obvious… so keep your hats on).

(Actually, I think it’s just eczema, but my doctors have not diagnosed it as that yet.)

I spoke with my doctor who told me to apply just a bit of Head and Shoulders around my nose while I showered and to leave it there for a minute or so. I maybe tried it once. It didn’t work, so I didn’t try again. Then I just plum forgot about it… hmmm

It’s never really gone away. But it will subside and then get all inflamed again. The past year, it has been awful and the area around my nose stayed red. I’d been using Cortizone, but I have gotten nervous about that because it has become an everyday thing. Cortizone thins the skin. Not a look I’m shooting for. I’d rather be Rudolph than transparent.

About a month ago, I remembered this bit of advice my doctor gave me, nearly eight years ago, and decided to try it.Guess what?!? It worked! It took about two days. But I haven’t had to use the Cortizone cream since then, which is huge! And the redness and inflammation has disappeared. And most importantly, the ‘scales’ are gone.

It’s a good thing Head and Shoulders didn’t exist when we were crawling out of the swamps. That could have stopped it all dead in its tracks.

*For the record: those scales are PhotoShopped. But you knew that. Right?


  1. My sis-in-law has the same thing by her eyes…great tip!

  2. My husband thinks he’s evolving into a different mammal. He now has hairs growing out of his ears and on the tops of his ears, and often he finds that a stray eyebrow has ended up getting combed into his hair.

    But then, I’m starting to get nose hairs, and I’m not 40 yet! Life isn’t fair.

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  3. REALLY? I get those nose scale things, too, and now you’ve FIXED THEM! I LOVE you.

  4. Cassie - Homeschooling Four says

    I had the same thing (well, it didn’t look so fish-like) after I had my last baby (I guess boys do that to ya). Anyway, I put natural medicine on for Rosatia. I’m not sure if that’s what you had, but the stuff I got worked great too!

  5. Glad it worked!

  6. Future Envy of the PTA says

    I’m sooo glad you posted this. My husband has been battling this as well and we’ve been using the same cream, with no results. I’ll definitely have him try this. Happy Hump Day!

  7. Wow, this is weird but cool. I’ve never had the scaly nose things but if I ever get them, I’ll know how to fix them! Thanks for the tip!

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