What 2009 taught me

nothing is certain… we all know that. i’ve had to relearn that lesson many times and this year it seemed to be a monthly lesson; the ‘Groundhog Day’ version of my life.

i don’t want it to be for nothing, so i’m making this list to help me pretend i’ve got this all figured out.

what i’ve learned in 2009:

• family will always have my back.
• finding a job of ANY kind is a full-time job and the pay sucks.
• love doesn’t see age
• my kids love me regardless of my status
• things that seem as though they’d be simple never are
• i will never be someone who has things fall into her lap
• priorities are easy to figure out but harder to implement
• true friends can be found online and may never get to meet in person
• there is more to life than attention
• life is sweeter when shared
• i am stronger than i was 12 months ago
• i’m still prone to pouting
• being called ‘over-qualified’ doesn’t make getting passed over for a job any easier to swallow
• living out of boxes and maintaining your sanity takes dedication
• being 38 and living with your parents to be able to make a better life for yourself and your children is humbling
• some people really do make an impact on everyone they meet
• there really are people who care about me

Here’s to 2010 being a good one…


  1. Many of these resonate with me too. Thanks for putting them out there.

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    Those are some tough lessons and some sweet ones. Here's hoping 2010 brings all sweet ones for you, Karla!

  3. Michelle Smiles says

    I hope 2010 brings nothing but good things for you!

  4. Debbie Amsellem says

    Hello lady! Love what you have said! May 2010 be a better year for us all! I am not a blogger, but maybe I should be. I have lots to say if people will listen! I love reading your posts….very humbling:) HAPPY AND HEALTY NEW YEAR TO YOU MY FRIEND!!

  5. I am wishing you all the best this year!! BTW – there is nothing wrong with pouting!!

    xoxo- Kat

  6. I can relate to some of the items on your list…I pray that 2010 brings you awesome opportunities!!

  7. Karla… 2010 WILL be a great one for us both. I refuse to live in the negative any more. I am grabbing life by the…collar.. yeah that's it. AND I am going to make things happen. My Lord and Family have proven themselves so faithful this year. I love you lil sis

  8. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says

    great list…thanks for sharing….can it really be 2010….So glad I found your blog and look forward to many reads in 2010..Happy New Year..

  9. Karla, your list is wonderful and really made me think about many things. May 2010 bring you happiness and contentment. And please count me in as one who really cares about you, because you have always been special to me.

    Mrs. Wetzel

  10. Musings of a Housewife says

    Karla, those are some really hard lessons. Here's hoping 2010 will be kind to you!

  11. Haven't been by your blog in a long time. Hoping all is well with you.


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