well, what do you know…

Everyday Mommy┬álinked to this fun site of quizzes and when I typed in my full name (I took out my last name for posting) for the question: “How will you be defined in the dictionary?” this is how I was answered:

Karla — [adjective]:Extremely extreme!

Is that even possible? I can just hear people now:

“Boy, that Karla… well she’s just one extremely extreme woman.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me that Karla went to the store without doing her makeup, wearing white sneakers after Labor Day (in the SOUTH!), ’cause she’s an extremely extreme person.”

… actually, forget that last line — that wouldn’t be considered extreme — that would be insane.

Not just extreme, but EXTREMELY extreme (with an exclamation mark, no less)

Karla, the “Extremely Extreme”


  1. http://Julie says

    LOL~ EXTREMEly cute post!

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