Welcome Back. Back to reality.

Celebrities live in their own world. Jetting off to beautiful locations and staying in $10,000 per night hotel suites… Weekly shopping sprees that cost more than my car… Houses that my apartment BUILDING would fit inside…

But money doesn’t always buy good taste. I’ve discussed it before in regards to fashion. Now let’s take a look at when money and bad taste collide in the bedroom (don’t they pay stylists and decorators huge bucks for that?)

Unfortunately, their children will now be the ones having to suffer the brunt of some of that bad taste.

Christina Aguilera’s baby’s nursery:

Can you imagine the horror of waking up to that moon staring at you!? Baby Max might have to spend some serious couch time in therapy from that creepy face watching over him night after night after night.
The room is so bright and clean.
And sterile.
It is a lovely room. But I just can’t get over that moon (insert cow joke here…)

Now, let’s leave our little trip to LaLaLand and come back to reality.

Exhibit A:
My boys’ bedroom

Bunk beds, since two boys currently share the same room. One day, it will be three boys in that room.
Unmade bed and clothes strewn everywhere, since the nanny didn’t show up I’m trying to teach independence and the boys were left to figure out what to wear and make their beds on their own.

Toys scattered around the floor because the nanny didn’t show up… again… I am teaching independence and so they have to pick up their own toys. (and I am just unable to keep up with the tornado that is known as Seamus)

hmmm… creepy moon or clothes on the floor…
I choose clothes on the floor.
(although some of that other stuff would be nice…)
They’ll have plenty of other things to discuss in therapy one day without me adding to it with crazy decor.


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  1. http://Straight%20Shooter says

    Karla, it’s very late. I am confused. I gave my guess on the comments section of the post below this. Just in case, I think it is a view of a plant’s pistol. I think it is maybe a varigated vinca?

  2. http://Beth says

    I saw the picture of Max’s bedroom in People Magazine. My first thought was ‘that poor kid is going to spend his nights scared to death with that ugly moon staring at him.’

    I’m with you…I much prefer the normal boys room to that overdone nursery.

  3. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    That moon is very creepy. Why not a happy moon? Or, why a moon at all???

  4. http://Erika says

    I think we have the same nanny. Mine never shows up either and my son’s room looks horrible. As far as the moon. I would have nightmares if that thing was in my room. What were they thinking?!!

  5. http://His%20Girl says

    that moon may very well give ME nightmares. *shudder*

    I think your nanny is doing a great job ;)

  6. http://Kimmy says

    That moon IS scary. The rest of the room is okay, but the moon should take a trip back into the sky. Personally, I like the pics of your place better. Your pictures depict the true picture of life with a baby (babies).

  7. http://Foo-say says

    You are hilarious! ;)

  8. http://Reynie says

    I saw the pic in a magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store this weekend and let me tell you what, that moon freaked me out! Seriously, it is so scary! Who came up with that?

  9. http://Becky says

    The moon is freaky scarry! Who thought to put a moon like that in a nursery?? I much prefer a real child’s room even if it does look like a tornado came through! My maid also never shows up either! Must be we have the same one?!

  10. http://Jenn says

    Why would anyone even create that ugly creepy moon in the first place, much less put it in a baby’s room. Yuck!

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who’s nanny keeps forgetting to show up! It makes me feel better that your kids stuff is everywhere too. :o)

  11. http://HRH says

    Ya, I’m all for fun nurseries, but that one also seems to be lacking a general direction other than a bunch of random creepy things. I could have done better for cheaper…

  12. http://Anna says

    I guess this just goes to show that money can’t buy the real important things in life…like a child’s sanity!

  13. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Wheeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you ma’am. And yeah, I was one of those ideal-nursery Mamas before I had Bean, but I’ve become ultra practical now and realized They Don’t Care When They are Babies, and by the time they do care, They Have Their Own Ideas anyway. So. Go for the basics, make it cute without making it cost what you’ll spend on college in 18 years. ;)

  14. http://Beck says

    My kids SHARE A ROOM. But it’s huge. It’s going to be fantastic a) when we finish it and b) if the kids ever clean it up, the little slobs!

  15. http://Amy says

    That moon is super creepy. I think I would save the money and stick to a beanbag chair. My son loves his and it doesn’t scare him to death like that giant moon would.

    Isn’t it strange what people spend their money on?

  16. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    That was my first thought too – that moon is super CREEPY! When I was a little girl I had wood panelling in my room and I could see faces in it. They had to be covered with a poster or I couldn’t sleep.

    Reality is so much more relaxing. We make messes. Husbands make messes. Kids make LOADS of messes. Life goes on :)

  17. http://BlondeMomBlog%20(Jamie) says

    That moon would give me (and my girls) nightmares! Plus imagine how much it probably cost. We could all probably decorate three nurseries with the budget from creepy man in the moon art alone!

    p.s. I’m glad to see “real” pics of a child’s bedroom! ;)

  18. http://Alicia says

    Wait, how did you get photos of my kids’ room? I seriously feel so much better now! You know, I painted a beautiful mural on my daughters’ wall; guess what they did? That’s right, taped their artwork and posters all over it.Silly me!

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