We won’t be quitting our day jobs

Our family of 6 (that still makes me gasp) has been trying to come up with fun things that we can do together. Something that the youngest can enjoy as much as the adults.

It isn’t always easy. Candyland got old a looooong time ago. The older kids have gotten to where they can play Uno with us, but that’s not something Seamus can play.

Yesterday, Sean was out and about and picked up a game for our Playstation:


Have mercy. We are addicted.

And I have NEVER laughed so hard in all of my life. You know the kind of laugh when your entire face hurts, including your teeth and ears?

The premise of the game is like karaoke. You use special microphones and then you can duel each other (or play alone. Not that I played it alone, singing 99 Red Balloons while Sean was out talking on the phone) to score points based on note accuracy, lyrical accuracy and something else that I can’t think of off the top of my head. There is also a party/team mode.

The kids don’t know the songs, but they will soon enough.

We let them stay up late while we all played. Much to my daughter’s horror, Sean and I stayed up playing it well past a reasonable hour.

And several times our daughter came in and asked us to turn it down.

When I went back in to give her another kiss, we had the following conversation:

Abbie: Are y’all really going to stay up through the night playing that game?

Me: Well, yeah! (laughing)

Abbie: That means you’ll be too tired in the morning to get up and take care of us.

It’s like she knew me in college or something! Actually, I asked her how that would be different from any other morning.

And when we could sing no longer, we heard “Finally” uttered from her bedroom.

But back to the game: Sean and I challenged each other on every song.

me as cyndi

(Cyndi Lauper)

And Tina Turner KICKED MY TONE DEAF HINEY. Best of all, there is a playback option. I wore it out replaying us mutilating singing “Simply The Best“. It was NOT simply the best. It was simply horrid.

us tears for fears

(Tears for Fears)

And we laughed. The side-splitting, crying, teeth-and-ears-screaming-for-mercy kind of laugh.

And it felt fabulous. Like I haven’t felt in awhile.

us as starship

(Grace Slick/Starship)

Who says video games can’t bring a family together. (And make me feel like a rebel mom)

us as wham



  1. http://TLC says

    That looks like a lot of fun! We were addicted to Guitar Hero for a while, but it got too hard for me. I bet my 6 yr old would love that game. I wonder if they have it for Nintendo. Oh, and you have never looked better than you do in Tina’s wardrobe. ;)

  2. http://Monica%20@%20Paper%20Bridges says

    finally a use for all those 80s songs stuck in my head since high school.

    that WHAM! picture is lovely. is that George Michael’s hairy midriff. never noticed that before.

    monica – delurking, inspired by pictures

  3. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    OHMAN! I could kick Al’s bummy at this! Must look into it…

    Really fun post, Karla.

  4. http://Rachel says

    That looks like so much fun! I would totally stay up all night rockin’ the 80’s!!
    Love the pics and the footnote :-)

  5. http://Abbreviated says

    The 80’s big hair & shoulder pads.

    Revisiting & laughing about the 80’s sounds fun.

  6. http://HRH says

    Yes, my whole family has been addicted to Rock Band for awhile. We have thrown Rock Band parties (adults ONLY) and they are soooo fun. Laughing at your closest friends get boo-ed off the stage is always fun. We usually invite three other couples and then play boys vs. girls. Tooooo funny.

    lol at the copying comment. I hope she doesn’t mind…hahaha.

  7. http://Samantha%20Roberts says

    We just played that game on our Bible study’s trip to the beach! Since I’m the youngest in the group and everyone must think that means I was born in like 1990 or something, someone actually said “oh, that’s not a fair one to play – Sam won’t know any of the songs!”

    Seriously? I’m 30. I remember the 80s.

    So I rocked their faces off with “It’s Tricky”. Oh yeah, all this and I rap!

    Sam @ theListenerspost.

  8. http://Colleen says

    What a blast! We’re finally joining the “cool family” revolution and buying a Wii. Or an Xbox 360. Or, if my hubby has his way…both.

  9. http://Fuschia says

    LOVE! IT! If we had a playstation, I know what I’d be spending my birthday money on!

  10. http://Jenny says

    I love karaoke too! We have Karaoke Revolution for Playstation, but my husband doesn’t like to play it with me because (not to brag or anything, but) I always beat him. Somewhere there is a precious little video of my DH and a daddy friend singing “That’s Amore” together as a duet. I am going to have to get that up on my blog…

  11. http://Mrs.%20S says

    Sounds so fun I may have to beg the hubby that it’s something we need….babies love music so Moose would enjoy it too!

  12. http://megs%20@%20whadusay says

    That sounds like so much fun. Laughter like that is good for the soul!

  13. http://Jami%20@%20livelaughlove5 says

    go karla go karla go go go karla!

    you rock girl!! :)

  14. http://Darla%20@%20UltraBeautyBoutique says

    Bwahahahaha I love it, your daughter says “FINALLY”. HAHAHHA!

    Oh and I LOVE that copy you have goin on. ;)

  15. http://Domestic%20Chicky says

    Too funny!

    You know, in some circles, this would be considered parasitic…

    …just so you know. ;-)


  16. http://Christine%20@%20Serenity%20How? says

    Oh that looks like so much fun. Keep on rawkin’ and copyin’ LOL!

  17. http://Carmen says

    That’s ‘the-Larriest’ (my child’s very Veggie Tales word for ‘hilarious’…she doesn’t know and we won’t tell her)…there’s also ‘Toby Mac’ cheese! Take a guess @ what that is (that would be colby jack…which we never call it now)!


  18. http://emily says

    SNORTING. That is what I”m doing as I read this. I am snorting and laughing. This is just too much.

    BTW – Is there a reason why my google reader won’t let me add you?

  19. http://Heather%20@%20Not%20a%20DIY%20Life says

    *GASP* You are copying Fussy? I’m telling! (please know that is said with ultimate sarcasm)

    Love the Wham pic especially!

  20. http://Jenn says

    Funny post! My husband is addicited to Guitar hero, I would be but lack the coordination to play! :o)

    We will have to check to see if they have this for the Wii! Sounds like so much fun!

    BTW- LOVE the new profile pic!

  21. http://Amanda says

    That’s hilarious! We’ll have to look into that game. Love the pasted-head pics. :)

    If you end up looking for a fun game for kids, we love Apples to Apples. We picked up the Kids version (not the Junior version — at ages 5 and 7 our kids were too young for that) and have really enjoyed playing with our little ones. It helps with their vocabulary and it’s so funny to see the way think.

    Plus, it’s a game a group of kids can play without adult assistance. That’s a bonus.

  22. http://Micca says

    This is too funny!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I would of hated missing yours!!

    All I can say is us “Nashvillian” gals know how to party!

    I can’t wait to visit the rest!
    rock on…

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