We are having…

a boy!

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound. And not only was I shocked at the news of another boy, but also to find out that I am already 18 weeks! I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy. I had thought maybe 13 weeks… I was a bit off. My official due date is September 17th. But with my past record, it will probably be around Labor Day (so funny) Of course, I probably just jinxed it and now will have to be induced the first of October.

So Abbie and I will be the only girls. We will officially be outnumbered forever more… (this could have tied it ;-)

But we are very excited. Everything looks good – baby is healthy and no problems were seen.

We don’t have a scanner anymore (shattered glass on the scanner bed), so I can’t post the ultrasound. But I’m gonna try to take a photo of the photo to post.

In other news, Janice, at 5 Minutes for Mom, gave me the Thinking Blogger Award.

I thought people thought my brains and thinking cap had been tossed up during all of my stomach viruses!!

Thank you, Janice.

Check back for an update on who I choose. (Most people have already received it, so I want to pick those who make me think that haven’t already been picked)


  1. http://stephanie says

    Congratulations!! Glad everything went well and he looks healthy!

  2. http://Barb says

    Oh, your poor scanner. Can it be fixed?

    Congratulations! And how funny you’re five weeks farther along than you thought.

    The Thinking Blogger Award is certainly no surprise – you deserve it.

    What fun news (except for your scanner). Congratulations again!

  3. http://Mary%20C says

    Oh! A boy! Congratulations to you all!

  4. http://Barbara%20H. says

    Congratulations! It’s so fun to get that early peek at the baby!

    I love the new look here! Beautiful colors.

  5. http://Mike says

    Wow. A boy. Do you have a name in mind? If you don’t, Mike is always a great name.



  6. http://Cmommy says

    Congrats on a baby boy!! And, wow, being nearly 1/2 way through–that is just so cool!

    I was checking to see if you’d gotten the Thinkingblogger award because I wanted to give it to you! Janice beat me to it :-)

    I owe you an email!

  7. http://Terri%20@%20In%20His%20Hands says

    Congrats! Yay for boys! You deserve the Thinker award–congrats on that too!

    Labor day would be funny–it took me a second to get that. ;P

    Congrats again!

  8. http://Big%20Mama says

    Congratulations, Karla! And what a bonus to be 5 weeks further along than you thought.

  9. http://Susanne says

    A Boy! Congratulations! And five weeks earlier than you thought. That news is great too!

    Too bad about the scanner. I haven’t a clue how to work ours so if it happened to me it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m always taking a pic of a pic ’cause I’ve finally figured out how to download my camera! :vD

  10. http://Sarah says

    Congratulations on the wonderful news! A boy and he’s healthy too.

    And also congratulations on the Thinking Blogger Award too :)


  11. http://Ruth says

    that’s how i do it…take pics of my pics and post them…maybe one day i will learn how to use a scanner. :)

    and WOW and yah! a boy! God bless that baby boy that grows within you! that precious little life. how exciting…..

    shalom friend.

  12. http://~Telah says

    Congratulations on having a boy! I want to have another…and hope it will be a girl, to tie it up like you said…but I just know it’s going to be another boy…that would be three boys in a row. Who knows, I still got a 50/50 chance right?

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