We are having…

a boy!

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound. And not only was I shocked at the news of another boy, but also to find out that I am already 18 weeks! I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy. I had thought maybe 13 weeks… I was a bit off. My official due date is September 17th. But with my past record, it will probably be around Labor Day (so funny) Of course, I probably just jinxed it and now will have to be induced the first of October.

So Abbie and I will be the only girls. We will officially be outnumbered forever more… (this could have tied it ;-)

But we are very excited. Everything looks good – baby is healthy and no problems were seen.

We don’t have a scanner anymore (shattered glass on the scanner bed), so I can’t post the ultrasound. But I’m gonna try to take a photo of the photo to post.

In other news, Janice, at 5 Minutes for Mom, gave me the Thinking Blogger Award.

I thought people thought my brains and thinking cap had been tossed up during all of my stomach viruses!!

Thank you, Janice.

Check back for an update on who I choose. (Most people have already received it, so I want to pick those who make me think that haven’t already been picked)


  1. Congratulations!! Glad everything went well and he looks healthy!

  2. Oh, your poor scanner. Can it be fixed?

    Congratulations! And how funny you’re five weeks farther along than you thought.

    The Thinking Blogger Award is certainly no surprise – you deserve it.

    What fun news (except for your scanner). Congratulations again!

  3. Oh! A boy! Congratulations to you all!

  4. Barbara H. says

    Congratulations! It’s so fun to get that early peek at the baby!

    I love the new look here! Beautiful colors.

  5. Wow. A boy. Do you have a name in mind? If you don’t, Mike is always a great name.



  6. Congrats on a baby boy!! And, wow, being nearly 1/2 way through–that is just so cool!

    I was checking to see if you’d gotten the Thinkingblogger award because I wanted to give it to you! Janice beat me to it :-)

    I owe you an email!

  7. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Congrats! Yay for boys! You deserve the Thinker award–congrats on that too!

    Labor day would be funny–it took me a second to get that. ;P

    Congrats again!

  8. Congratulations, Karla! And what a bonus to be 5 weeks further along than you thought.

  9. A Boy! Congratulations! And five weeks earlier than you thought. That news is great too!

    Too bad about the scanner. I haven’t a clue how to work ours so if it happened to me it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m always taking a pic of a pic ’cause I’ve finally figured out how to download my camera! :vD

  10. Congratulations on the wonderful news! A boy and he’s healthy too.

    And also congratulations on the Thinking Blogger Award too :)


  11. that’s how i do it…take pics of my pics and post them…maybe one day i will learn how to use a scanner. :)

    and WOW and yah! a boy! God bless that baby boy that grows within you! that precious little life. how exciting…..

    shalom friend.

  12. Congratulations on having a boy! I want to have another…and hope it will be a girl, to tie it up like you said…but I just know it’s going to be another boy…that would be three boys in a row. Who knows, I still got a 50/50 chance right?

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