Warning: Viewing the following may make your eyes bleed

It never fails that when I start looking for photos for fashion posts, I set out looking for bad fashion trends, but always get sucked into the vortex that is High-Fashion (aka: that artsy-fartsy stuff we see on the runways every year).

What really got me looking was this:


All of us have seen this by now, and most of us have thought the same thing (If you haven’t, you might want to move along, mmmk?):


So, I got to thinking about how we just tend to recycle our fashions from the past or from things in nature.

Take, for instance this:

image image

Taking the recycling thing literally.

Other examples:

This oh!my!gosh!someone!make!it!stop! $995.00 Members Only jacket, obviously was inspired by Elivs’ gold lame suit:

image image

A geek-ified Rainbow Brite knock-off:

image image

These are on sale rightthisveryminute for $18.95. I guess the Spice Girls decided not to wear them on their reunion tour:

image image

(words people… I need words!)

image image

Next thing we know, we’ll be expected to run around hollerin’ for Ma and Pa:

image image

And the inspiration for the following? Yeah, that’s just creepy. I had enough nightmares for one lifetime from that movie. I’m not gonna become a walking reminder to myself to sleep with one eye open. Not that I could see through that eye-gear anywho.

image image


  1. http://Mackenzies%20Momma says

    All I have to say is THIS is why I never ever ever ever look @ high fashion. “High Fashion” to me is what I wore last summer while on top of my 15 foot tall pea viner.

  2. http://myvintagecharm says

    This is hilarious!! I didn’t know there were Members Only jackets still- too funny, thanks for the chuckle :D

  3. http://R.L.Scovens says

    I thought I was the only one that thought high fashion was ridiculous…

  4. http://Jen says

    Of all those pictures that bonnet confuses me the most. I mean, why? I just don’t get it at all.

  5. http://TX%20Poppet says

    Why does high fashion always look like it’s trying to silence (butterfly), hobble (high heeled sneaks), or objectify (recycle)women? I’m thinking of creating a brassiere made entirely of gum wrappers. What do you think? Million dollar idea?

  6. http://Colleen says


  7. http://Jungles%20Wife says

    Love the tablecloth outfit – you should offer links so that we can purchase these items. (for people we don’t like *wink*)

  8. http://Domestic%20Spaz says

    I just realized that The Spice Girls absolutely MUST be the inspiration for those terrible Bratz dolls.

  9. http://Reynie says

    Spice girls… funny

  10. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    I just love lookin’ at your blog Girlie! I would never see these hilariously, absurd pics without your sluethfulness (new word?). Thank you for the High Entertainment!

  11. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    At least Sarah Jessica’s dress was GORGEOUS! It’s too bad I rarely looked at it due to the growth on her head.

    An acorn top? Was that really necessary?

  12. http://That%20lady%20with%206%20daughters says

    I’m thinking SOMEBODY got caught romping under a picnic blanket and thought “Hey- tablecloths are sexy”

  13. http://Lalena says

    I wasn’t sure what to think of Sarah’s hair explosion…How did that thing stay on???

  14. http://Susanne says

    What was Sarah thinking? Usually she’s known for being well dressed.

    To funny Karla. Well no one will ever accuse me of being high fashion.

  15. http://Kimba says

    Ok, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Nothing like wearing a muppet on your head to scream “High Fashion!”

  16. http://Valarie says

    I refuse to wear a bonnet. On second thought I could wear it with my table cloth shirt. :)

  17. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    wow, some of those trends are bizaar! I love to follow some of the classier trends but I don’t think any of these qualify. I am a HUGE SJP fan and love her BITTEN collection…but that hat is NOT fabulous!

  18. http://Vera says

    OMGosh I am seriously cracking up here!!!!

  19. http://Martha%20A. says

    Hey, well I do not have to worry about what I wear, because as far as these pictures say, anything goes!!!

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