Warning: Viewing the following may make your eyes bleed

It never fails that when I start looking for photos for fashion posts, I set out looking for bad fashion trends, but always get sucked into the vortex that is High-Fashion (aka: that artsy-fartsy stuff we see on the runways every year).

What really got me looking was this:


All of us have seen this by now, and most of us have thought the same thing (If you haven’t, you might want to move along, mmmk?):


So, I got to thinking about how we just tend to recycle our fashions from the past or from things in nature.

Take, for instance this:

image image

Taking the recycling thing literally.

Other examples:

This oh!my!gosh!someone!make!it!stop! $995.00 Members Only jacket, obviously was inspired by Elivs’ gold lame suit:

image image

A geek-ified Rainbow Brite knock-off:

image image

These are on sale rightthisveryminute for $18.95. I guess the Spice Girls decided not to wear them on their reunion tour:

image image

(words people… I need words!)

image image

Next thing we know, we’ll be expected to run around hollerin’ for Ma and Pa:

image image

And the inspiration for the following? Yeah, that’s just creepy. I had enough nightmares for one lifetime from that movie. I’m not gonna become a walking reminder to myself to sleep with one eye open. Not that I could see through that eye-gear anywho.

image image


  1. Mackenzies Momma says

    All I have to say is THIS is why I never ever ever ever look @ high fashion. “High Fashion” to me is what I wore last summer while on top of my 15 foot tall pea viner.

  2. myvintagecharm says

    This is hilarious!! I didn’t know there were Members Only jackets still- too funny, thanks for the chuckle :D

  3. R.L.Scovens says

    I thought I was the only one that thought high fashion was ridiculous…

  4. Of all those pictures that bonnet confuses me the most. I mean, why? I just don’t get it at all.

  5. TX Poppet says

    Why does high fashion always look like it’s trying to silence (butterfly), hobble (high heeled sneaks), or objectify (recycle)women? I’m thinking of creating a brassiere made entirely of gum wrappers. What do you think? Million dollar idea?


  7. Jungles Wife says

    Love the tablecloth outfit – you should offer links so that we can purchase these items. (for people we don’t like *wink*)

  8. Domestic Spaz says

    I just realized that The Spice Girls absolutely MUST be the inspiration for those terrible Bratz dolls.

  9. Spice girls… funny

  10. ~ Straight Shooter ~ says

    I just love lookin’ at your blog Girlie! I would never see these hilariously, absurd pics without your sluethfulness (new word?). Thank you for the High Entertainment!

  11. Not the Queen says

    At least Sarah Jessica’s dress was GORGEOUS! It’s too bad I rarely looked at it due to the growth on her head.

    An acorn top? Was that really necessary?

  12. That lady with 6 daughters says

    I’m thinking SOMEBODY got caught romping under a picnic blanket and thought “Hey- tablecloths are sexy”

  13. I wasn’t sure what to think of Sarah’s hair explosion…How did that thing stay on???

  14. What was Sarah thinking? Usually she’s known for being well dressed.

    To funny Karla. Well no one will ever accuse me of being high fashion.

  15. Ok, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Nothing like wearing a muppet on your head to scream “High Fashion!”

  16. I refuse to wear a bonnet. On second thought I could wear it with my table cloth shirt. :)

  17. Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    wow, some of those trends are bizaar! I love to follow some of the classier trends but I don’t think any of these qualify. I am a HUGE SJP fan and love her BITTEN collection…but that hat is NOT fabulous!

  18. OMGosh I am seriously cracking up here!!!!

  19. Martha A. says

    Hey, well I do not have to worry about what I wear, because as far as these pictures say, anything goes!!!

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