*WARNING* the following may cause an insane amount of oohhh-ing and ahhh-ing

I know, I know… I’ve posted this before, but HOW CUTE is that photo??!!! And I had to try out a new Photoshop Action – This is called Urban Acid and that is what gave it the cool, hip colors… *sigh* I just want to go in and kiss that little guy’s face…



  1. healing hoves says:

    Hi just wannted to say thanks for the kind words. I love you heading for your blog. I too will bookmark your blog and come back to visit…..man i hope i win that blue bird thing so I can be a pretty as all the new wonderful people I am meeting when I open their blogs. sonja

  2. The Imperfect Christian says:

    That is one of the most kissable faces I have ever seen!! What a doll!

  3. Rebecca Cooper says:

    cute photo! you know I love that urban acid action!!!

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