Using the Internet to Keep Your Resolutions


It’s a new year. Out with the old; in with the new!

You probably made your resolutions and charted a way to reach them.

Maybe you want to lose weight. Become more active. More organized. Dress less frumpy.

Maybe you want to do more with your kids. Eat more meals together as a family. Learn a new skill.

Did you consider using the internet as a way to help you achieve your goals?

If not, consider this:

What do you use the internet for? Do you use it casually, or are you learning ways to incorporate it into your every day life?

Yes – the internet can be a time-suck if you don’t use it with a purpose. But consider the internet your resolutions best friend. Why not make it part of your game plan and use it to take action, to make changes.

Search out fun family-friendly menus.

Google beginner fitness plans.

Look for tools and applications to remind you of your plans.

You won’t be doing it alone. Modern Media Mom’s goal and mission is to use the internet to make your life easier.

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