Use this get together wisely

Before I start this post, let me thank you all for your kind words regarding the previous post. Your words all meant so much to me. I am always amazed at the way the Lord can use my poorly written words to touch others.


Right now, my parents are on the road to pick up my grandmother. She lives about 2 hours south of us, and is going to spend Christmas with us. My two oldest kids went with my mom and dad to allow me some quiet time while the youngest two nap.

My grandmother is a 93 year old spit-fire. I love hearing her stories and tales of days gone by. But time is a-wastin’, and one day, those stories will be forgotten.

Unless, I help keep them alive.

So I got to thinking of how to use this time, with 4 generations under on roof, and make it memorable, beyond the gifts and food.

Your perspective on someone can change if you give yourself the opportunity to dig deeper into who they are. When I was in college, my dad’s sister came to stay for the Christmas holiday. Their mom had passed away a few months before and my aunt had never married. One morning, we sat down for breakfast, started chatting and didn’t get up until my mom got home from work that afternoon. I learned so many things about her that shed light on who she was and why she was how she was. It changed our relationship. From that point on, I understood her in a way I never would have, otherwise.

I searched around the internet for some sites that have questions to use to help you get started. Look through them and gather some questions, then get off the computer and enjoy getting to know your loved ones better.

< Interestingly enough, there was an article about this very thing in our local paper the other day. This is a good starting point.

< From RealSimple – Get to know your Family, Friends Better – includes a .pdf worksheet to print off to assist with questions. It also has suggestions for making the question asking easier.

< On an iVillage forum – questions to ask your child.

< – listed as a travel game, but perfect for sitting around after a meal.

No matter how you choose to do it, enjoy your time together and create more wonderful memories.


  1. http://jennwa says

    Thanks for the links.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas !!!!!

  2. http://Missy says

    God bless you Karla. And I might add, to VIDEOTAPE IT. What I would give for videos of my grandma now.

    Years ago I was talking to my grandfather on the porch and he began to tell me about two babies that my grandmother had lost between the births of my mom and aunt. Babies that were big enough to bury and see the gender. Neither my mom nor my aunt had ever heard they had lost siblings before. So strange. You never know what you might learn when you just get to talking.

    Merry Christmas Karla. You are a blessing to many.

  3. http://Ruth says

    Your perspective on someone can change if you give yourself the opportunity to dig deeper into who they are.

    so true karla. i am finding that in a lot of my “difficult to love” relationships with people. as i dig deeper…i am finding not only is there grace but love in my heart as well.

    merry christmas!!!!

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