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This Halloween, we are working with a (*VERY*) limited budget. As I previously mentioned, we will be working with a 3-day-only paycheck. Along with groceries, we have Seamus’ birthday (the 25th) and Halloween. I think that even if we didn’t have to watch our dollars this Halloween, it is just not a priority to go overboard spending for this fall holiday.

I don’t want to just ignore Halloween, so I scoured the web for ideas that will get us more creep for the cash.

Frighteningly Frugal Fun*: recipes for making your own face paint and fake wounds; fun food ideas (ie: edible slime, deviled eyeballs and goblin hands). There are also game ideas.

Make your Own Halloween Costume:
 Ideas include a Chia Pet and Mr. Potato Head

Halloween Topics at TONS of ideas for costumes, games and treats.

More Frugal Halloween Costume ideas (from Mommy Savers): A bag of Jelly Beans, M&Ms and 10 costumes for under $10.00!! Also includes tips for roasting pumpkin seeds and making your own grease paint and making decorations for the home.

Frugal candy ideas for Halloween:
 coupons and alternatives to food are mentioned.

Super cute crafts from includes directions for Tin Can Lumineries, Tin Can Ghosts and Paper Bag Pumpkins. Lots of cute ideas. Use this link for costume ideas. always has great ideas, and this topic is no exception.

Believe it or not, Ben & Jerry’s has (FUN!) Halloween ideas: crafts, printables, recipes… Who knew!!??

This one may overwhelm you with the sheer volume of ideas, but Michael’s has so many great projects, from making Halloween party invites to decorations to costumes that I must include it.

Lots of crafts and most have photos. From (be sure to have your popup blocker on…)

eHow is a great site ~ you can learn so much from others there; or you can contribute your own ideas. There are great, tried-and-true ideas for celebrating Hallows Eve.

More cheap crafts (from that kids will love to make. They’ll be way cuter than those cheap plastic ones you’d buy.

Hershey’s also has a fun Trick or Treat site. There are also activities to do online.

What are your ideas for some good ‘ole fashioned cheap Trick or Treat fun? Leave your ideas in comments or leave a link to your info.

*Updated: links no longer active/working


  1. http://Cecily%20R says

    Try for more ideas on decorations, games and costume ideas. You can even sign up for a weekly e-mail with tons of season-related ideas. Way fun.

  2. http://Christine says

    Great links, thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy TT!

  3. http://Joyismygoal says

    Sounds fun we can enjoy for a little cost-good links, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. http://Hootin'Anni says

    I had a list like this a while ago. HALLOWEEN ROCKS!!!

    My T T is published, won’t you drop by?

  5. http://Carol says

    That’s a lot of Hally-weenie fun right there!

  6. http://Cindy%20Swanson says

    Pretty much the extent of my Halloween observance is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, but you’re right, that can get expensive! We actually had to make a run to the store for more candy last Halloween. Thanks fo rthe tips!

  7. http://Beck says

    Oh, that’s a terrific list!
    We’re making homemade caramel apples this weekend, and we’ve been busily making chocolate lollipops (and eating them) for the past couple of weeks. You can get the stuff for that cheaply at the bulk store…

  8. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    Great ideas!

    Have you checked out the Better Homes and Gardens website? It is full of cheap stuff including a ton of free pumpkin carving templates.

    I really liked the felt Halloween bags. I am not sure how much candy they hold, but they are really cute

  9. http://Denise%20Patrick says

    Thanks for that wonderful list. I’m always looking for new and fun ideas.

    Happy TT!

  10. http://stacey says

    these links are great no matter what! i am all about the resale shops! i just helped my friend find her twins’ costumes for $7 total! i borrowed luke’s costume this year and made anysa’s-will post pics after halloween! good luck!

  11. http://Wildflower%20Cabin says

    I love your blog. The words under your photo are so very encouraging to me and a close-to-home reminder to me that our lives are just that….looking forward to going to our real home.

    I tried to make halloween extra fun for my grandchildren this year and at I found some great things. I made worm sandwiches (cut hotdogs in thin strips length-wise and boil…they turn out like curly worms…ewww), mummy pizzas and spider cupcakes. There was more I wanted to do, but feel fortunate that I was able to do that much.

    Blessings and thank you for an inspiring blog.


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