Update on Goals

I’ve revisited my goals list and was pleased to see some of the goals on there have been completed (or started!)

piece and quilt 2 quilts by the end of the year (2006) – started on this; finally finished two that I started 3 years ago… but they don’t count…

get website for Fruition Designs done by June 1st/get website for Fruition Designs out there and noticed/marketed — gotta get on these still; didn’t make my goal, so I’ll shoot for the 1st of September

lose the 20 #s of pregnancy weight I am still carrying around — working on this, but those Krispy Kreme doughnuts aren’t helping any

join a bible study group — did this; working on Frazzled Female

finish reading through the bible by October – behind on this; I don’t want to rush it though, so Ill move this to next February

find a local crisis pregnancy center and find out what needs they have – going to training on June 26th at the Hope Clinic in Nashville

make baby quilts for local pregnancy centers – I am actually going to start doing this for the babies born at our church and then see where it goes from there

visit Ireland
visit Italy —— it will be awhile before these three will be completed
visit Iceland

become the person God intends me to be (obviously ongoing, but maybe I can do that before I die…)

get my photos in scrapbooks (real scrapbooks – with cool designs and fonts and layouts…) — started on digital scrapbook; I’ll be able to print these out

learn better photography skills – been reading, reading, reading…

have a weekly date night with my dear husband – haven’t started

run a full marathon (before I’m 40) – not even close

show Jesus in me, through my actions and through my words, to the people around me – ummmmm… I hope so

eat less sugar — refer to third goal on list… Krispy Kremes have sugar

be on time — the fact that it took me almost two weeks to enter my next blog message should clue you in on this one; still running behind on everything…

ski Jackson Hole — it’s summer time, so, no

take ballet again — nope (Abbie’s going to, but that doesn’t count, does it?)

be an awesome designer — working on it

Went online today to check the school calendar — Abbie starts school August 14th. I can’t believe we are heading into the land of School Calendars.


  1. Lyle Robinson says

    I noticed that there were no comments to this post so I thought I would add one to say, great post Karla. Glad to read that you have accomplished a few of your goals and are well on your way to more. BTW, I’m really enjoying your blog and other sites and thanks for sharing your life with us readers. Take care and all the best.


    ps: Thanks for pointing out how lovely I look today…hey wait a minute!! Do you have a cam somewhere in my home!!


  1. Big Dreams says:

    […] too, as I look around blogdom. Several months ago, I made a list of goals. And then I updated that list, and was able to mark some things […]

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