Surprise your kids with a Package from Santa

When I was little, the slightest suggestion that something from Santa might have been left for me was one of the highlights of the Christmas season. What child wouldn’t be excited to receive a package with Santa Claus letters? is a site that can take care of that for you and create personalized packages for your child.

Letters from Santa

The Basic Package ($12.99) includes a personalized Santa letter from Santa Claus printed on his custom North Pole letterhead signed with Santa’s real signature, official gold foil Santa Seal of Approval, and personal details about your child that only Santa would know!

It arrives in a bright green, shiny, metallic package personally addressed to your child! It even has a genuine Santa Claus return address label and custom North Pole postage.

The Standard Package ($27.99) includes the personalized letter from Santa Claus, as well as a letter from Rudolph (with a real Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer photo!) Your child also receives a custom, personalized Nice List Certificate with Official Gold Foil Seal. They’ll be please to know that they made “the list”.

An autographed full color photo of Santa working away in his private workshop is also included in the package, which arrives in an extravagant, gold, metallic envelope addressed directly to your child, with Santa’s return address label and custom North Pole postage.

The Deluxe Package ($54.99) has everything listed above, but, it has a lot more: There’s a hand signed and numbered Collector’s Piece of Santa’s Suit. There’s a personal greeting from Santa on CD along with Santa’s own telling of the classic, “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” A serving of Santa’s Special blend of magical reindeer food in a precious collector’s tin is also included.

Each deluxe package ships in a bright red box with a North Pole stamp, and Santa’s gold foil return address label. The inside is adorned with an original Sam Doodle the Elf painting and poem.

Children will remember these gifts from Santa for years. With and personalized Santa Claus letters, you can keep the spirit of Santa alive for your children this Christmas season.

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