True Identity

I got this bible today and LOVE it! It’s True Identity – the Bible for Women, from Zondervan. I highly recommend it for any woman. The features listed on the back are:

  • 100 “myths” articles – lies the world tells us and the truth of God’s word
  • 30 “ask me anything” profiles of women of the bible
  • 200 “conversations” notes for reflecting on what’s been read, or discussing with friends
  • 200 “He is…” callouts help you get to know God as He reveals Himself in the Bible
  • 300 “at issue” notes offer short relevant teachings on a variety of life topics such as money, sex or pride
  • book introductions
  • topical index
  • articles

It’s the TNIV version and it’s written in a single column so there is a lot of space in the margins for note taking.

I just feel such a craving to get to know the Lord so much more intimately. I feel like He is moving me to do something. I just don’t know what it is yet…

While I was at the mall, I was stopped by one of those salespeople in the booths set up in the walkways. I normally “ignore” them, but I stopped at one that had products from the Dead Sea. The lady did this thing on my fingernails that got rid of the ridges and smoothed them and made them shiny. I still keep looking at it because it is such a pretty fingernail now. I know that sounds silly, but when you see it next to the others you see a big difference. I found it online here and there are other companies that have products as well, as you can see on this search.

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