Transformed – revisited

Today is Fightin’ the Frump day. And I kid you not, my brain is void of ideas. That sound you hear – of crickets chirping and the wind whooshing around? Yeah – that there is the lack of ideas in my brain.


I have stared at a blank post page for far too long now.

But you know what my mind keeps going back to? The video in my other post from today.

And I keep thinking of the transformation of Brian and I think, man! God is the ultimate Frump Fighter.


He loves us no matter what. He loves us whether we wear our grubbies, have our roots showin’ or are dressed to the nines, completely accessorized. And when I look at Brian – braids, mascara, tattoos and baggy clothes – all I see is that beaming joy that is radiating from inside of him.

He would be on every Don’t list in the fashion industry (not that guys care about that sort of thing…). But look at him! He is glowing. And that joy that is overflowing from him? Yeah – that is Christ and it draws people near. An entire closet of fashionable clothes can’t make up for the lack of that.


There is Frump Fightin’ Power in salvation.

Can I get an amen?


  1. fullheartandhands mama says:

    Great reminder! Thanks. It truly doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside if our heart isn’t right with Him.

  2. Sister Honey Bunch says:


  3. amen! you’re so right. its nice to look nice, but there’s no reason to be pretentious or make other people feel bad about it. especially at church. the church back home started a wear jeans service with shorter songs, more interaction, and i feel closer to those people and less like a freak because of it. building a community not putting yourself on parade. that’s what its all about.

  4. Amen!
    God redeems us and shows us that we have value beyond our outward appearance. More people need the confidence that comes from the unconditional love and acceptance that God gives.

  5. Absolutely! We are all frump fighters in God’s eyes!

    Happy Friday!

  6. God is the ultimate tranformer.

    If your heart is ugly there’s no use of putting lipstick on the pig! ;)

  7. Hear, hear. Let’s not forget about the inside!
    “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

  8. Domestic Spaz says:

    If your heart is ugly there’s no use of putting lipstick on the pig! ;)

    I couldn’t have said that better myself! So I won’t! :)

  9. Amen! And by the way, you have a very pretty site and you are a very pretty lady, I must say.

  10. Karla – I have read your blog for a while and this is a delayed comment. I just read an article from another blog that stated the hats & shirts from the losing team of the superbowl (you know all the preprinted ones) were donated to refugees in Nicaragua. It was a huge blessing to them.
    Mary B.

  11. Karla, so nicely worded; glad you looked at the blank space for a while and didn’t give up; what a blessing you are in my life.

    Mrs. Wetzel

  12. Amen, Sistah!

  13. Renewing of the mind is the first place we should start if we want to renew our outward appearance…well done, Karla. Glad you didn’t quit the post!

  14. Lightening says:

    I came here via Entrecard and stayed to read. What a wonderful post and so true. It’s good to be reminded of this. Thanks. :)

  15. Love the cricket chirping…

  16. God bless you for sharing the video about Brian. I had no idea, although I do know who Korn is and I’m delighted to see someone who is so in the public eye have such a wonderful transformation. Thank you also for reminding us that God looks at the heart, while we judge people by outward appearances. This is a topic of recent discussion (disagreement, rather) and I’m refreshed to see that I’m not alone here. “Onwards, Frump-a Fighters!”

  17. Karla!! This was brilliant!
    AMEN AMEN AMEN! What a wonderful post. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for this!

  18. I will give an Amen!

    I try to fight the frump, but sometimes feel like a grump. I think a big smile and kind words go a long way to fight the frump. Not that looks do not matter, but what’s inside matters more and with Him there, we have something to smile about!

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