I Just Found My “Randy’s-on-the-Road” Love Note

Today's Instagram Moment

(backstory for those who don’t know: Randy and I met on Twitter during the Alabama vs TN game in ’09 — he thought one of my tweets about the game was funny <3 (my mamaw was a HUGE TN fan… I was raised on AL football)


  1. I love this note so much!

    I also love the way you photograph these little moments.

    I always feel pressured to write about everything. But a picture really can say a thousand words.

    Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

  2. http://Karla says

    Thank you, Renee! I have recently struggled with finding the time and/or the words to blog, and taking photos and sharing them has been helping me still journal.

    Can’t wait to see your photo posts :)

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