To those interested in blog design

Last week I asked if anyone was interested in a free blog design. I was [pleasantly] surprised at the response! I will be happy to do one for each of you as I work through the list [I’m not adding to the list, so if you didn’t reply at that time, sorry – you’ll have to purchase a design]

However: because I am doing them for free, and I am working on them between paying customers, there could be delays with them at times.

Therefore, knowing that, if you are still interested [and you replied before], please email me and let me know and we will get coordinated.


  1. http://Abbreviated says

    Sent 2 emails. The second one is for when you’re ready. I check it more often than the first.

    Off to camp for a week.


  2. http://jen says

    I’m a brand new reader. Wow, you are generous to your readers! I just checked out your blog designs — you are very talented. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. http://Elizabeth says

    my email is

    for some reason i’m having a hard time emailing you…blogger is not taking me to your email when i click on it from your profile page. i will keep trying. :-)

    very excited!

  4. http://Jenn says

    Hi where do we get more info on becoming a paying customer?

    On another note – I hope you are having a great time with your family! :o)

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