Tidbits from our lives

~ I had to run to Abbie’s school to get her homework the other day. I drove to Sonic to get my favorite Cherry Limeade and didn’t have my purse… It had fallen out of the truck in the school parking lot. Fortunately, it was still there. But I had run over it, which caused my anti-bacterial hand gel to squirt all over the inside of my purse, including my cell phone. In case you are wondering, hand gel ruins the screen on cells. Just doing my public service.

Glad I could help…

I also smashed my calculator which meant I had to take the pain-in-the-behind scientific calculator with me when I went grocery shopping today. Yeah, I’m not a rocket scientist. I don’t need all of those extra buttons when adding; they just confuse me…

~ On that same shopping trip today, I took all four kids! And we survived! And so did the store! Seriously, the kids were so good. I wore Declan, Seamus rode in the cart and the other two used their own legs. We made it in and out in an hour!

~ Abbie has her first loose tooth. (we thought the girl might be stuck with her baby teeth until college)

~ I also learned, at her parent-teacher conference on Monday, that she cleans up her desk the same way she cleans up her room: she shoves. The girl is the quintessential artist. She has too many creative things going on in that mind of hers to bother with stuff like cleaning. I’ve been working with her on it for years now. Any suggestions? But I also learned that her teacher adores her and just loves her personality. This makes my heart soar, because I’ve always thought that Abbie has the type of personality that in the wrong hands could be shattered.

~ Seamus might be developing my OCD tendencies… when he plays with his cars he likes to line them all up in a nice row. He might have seen me do this once or thirty times…

~ Conversation overheard this afternoon:
Quinn: “Can I sit by you Abbie?”
Abbie: “Sure! Why?”
Quinn: “Because I love you.”



  1. http://stacey says

    the fact, in and of itself, that you took all four AND left the store successfully in an hour, deserves something HUGE! Something chocalately, maybe :)

  2. http://Collin says

    Nice blog, being a full time Dad of a 7 year old boy and having a girlfriend who liveswith us it is nice to sometimes just read about our family’s

  3. http://Maggie says

    Look at that! What a witness you are using your blog for the world.

    I loved this post. Great stories!

    Thanks for sharing these!

    So, first the window, now your cell phone, and your calculator.

    Has your family ever had Amish inclinations? Just asking, you know…

  4. http://Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    Cherry Limeade! YES! My fave drink the whole wide world.

    So, I am kind of wondering why you had to run over your purse. Maybe you had grown tired of that one and figured running over it in the school parking lot would be the best justification for a new one? ;)

    Huge, huge applause for you for getting all four kids in and out of the store in an HOUR. It takes me just about that long to get the girls and I all packed up and loaded into the car. Kudos, mama!

  5. http://Mark says

    Great stories Karla.
    I love the quote. You have such loving children.
    Your brother

  6. http://Carol says

    NO clue how to get those artist-types to tidy things up correctly. Probably because I struggle with the same tendency. One thing that helps with my 15-y/o artistic-type is to identify one area of the room, then tell her to just get that one area totally perfect like a magazine picture.

    That seems to work okay until later when I discover where she shoved the messes.

  7. http://Erika says

    My son may as well have his baby teeth till college too. He is in 1st grade and has lost only two teeth. Glad to know that there are other kids out there still with baby teeth :) Have a great day.

  8. http://gina says

    One of my four is the artsy shover type person who goes NUTS when I touch her stuff because she swears she knows where everything is. Our solution to my neat freak needs and her shoving? CONTAINERS,BASKETS,CUTE HATBOXES etc. She can shove and stuff to her hearts content and I can’t see the mess. :)

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