Thursday Thirteen: Heard ‘Round My Home This Morning

Thirteen Things Heard ‘Round My Home This Morning

1. “Did you get up too early?” (said by me, to my husband, after he crawled back in bed after being up and fumbling around for a few minutes)
2. How do you spell baby sounds/babbling (coming out of the baby’s room at too-early-o’thirty in the morning?)
3. “I love you; we’ll see you in 3 weeks.” (my mom and dad as they were leaving from their visit here)
4. “Tell the kids when they wake up they each have a kiss on their forehead.” (my mom)
5. “Tell me a story, please.” (my daughter as she was waking up)
6. “I miss meme and pop…” (spoken by my two oldest at various points of the morning)
7. “Do you know someone by the name of Codie *******?” (the police, who showed up at my doorstep looking for someone who used to use this address.)
8. “No, I don’t. But I remember some mail with that name on it.” (me, while feeling like I was going to throw up from relief that they weren’t there to tell me something had happened to my husband)
9. “A sheep-pig, that’s so silly” (new birthday toy)
10. “I’m dizzy.” (my son after spinning around the room for the course of most of a song… hmmm… go figure… ;-)
11. “I have a nose egg.” (my son, who has also had “tummy eggs” [aches] before)
12. “Mom, wipe my hiney!” (my son, as I was nursing his baby brother)
13. “I love you, mama.” (daughter and son at various times… does anything sound sweeter than that?)


  1. Adventures In Babywearing says

    Ha- when I saw your title, the FIRST thing that came to mind was “wipe me!” (as I hear this too often here!) and then, there it is on your list, too!

    Moms- we’re the best, eh?

  2. That is so sweet…….wipe my hiney…hilarious….loved you 13.

  3. Some very sweet things hear at your house. And random about the cops! Glad your hubby was fine!

  4. Too fun…and gives me lots to look forward to during my upcoming potty training. Not that I haven’t been wiping her hiney for a while now! :-)

  5. There is nothing much sweeter than hearing #13! Great list!

  6. awww.. I just love #3! How sweet! Sounds like a great morning!

  7. Barbara H. says

    Glad the police were there for the reasons mentioned and not with bad news!

    LOL at #12 and the timing — they always seem to have needs when the baby is nursing!

    Neat list. Happy TT!

  8. “I have a nose egg?” how funny!

  9. Kathleen Marie says

    Aww… loved the last one and the kiss on the forehead. You had a SWEET morning…except for the police :)

  10. Very cute list. Sounds like a lot of love in your house.

    Happy TT!

  11. What a busy morning! I’m surprised you were able to sit down long enough to type this funny list!

  12. This is the sweetest list I’ve read this week! Your kids sound adorable. Hope you all have a fun and restful weekend! Drop by my blog anytime you’re in the neighborhood…

  13. Glass Half Full says


  14. Praying for your Prodigal says

    ALL of that happened this morning! WOW! It must be time for a nap already! Great TT!


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