Thursday Thirteen: 13 Calamities That Lead Up to Christmas Day

I hope that each and everyone of you had a blessed time with family and friends at Christmas. My prayer is that the New Year will be a year that brings you closer to the Lord and His love and grace.

I will write more about this past week in the days ahead. But for now, I present you with:

13 Calamities That lead up to Christmas Day

  1. Tuesday before Christmas: guest room tub started backing up in the evening – maintenance can’t come until the next morning.
  2. Before they get there, sink and toilet in the guest bathroom overflows and floods the bathroom
  3. Carpet guys (we have carpet in the sink/vanity area) come and soak up water (but don’t clean it).
  4. Smell is so icky. Next day after calling rental office about carpet not being cleaned. Carpet guys come back and clean carpet
  5. Friday before Christmas: go to get meat out of the deep freezer for dinner and realize there is blood all over the bottom of freezer.
  6. Reach in and realize that everything is thawed. Carpet guys unplugged our freezer to plug in cleaner machine (since, apparently, that is the only plug they know about in the entire apartment) and don’t replug it
  7. All of our deer meat and Christmas turkey are ruined.
  8. Everyone in rental office is gone until tuesday.
  9. Friday night: kitchen sink backs up and maintenace can’t come until the next morning
  10. Smell is icky!
  11. Saturday: plumber comes to fix sink and tells us when he was “snaking” it, he brought back mud. This, means the pipe is rusted through/broken. This, along with the clog he can’t seem to remove, means we can’t use our sink and dishwasher for at least a week… I can’t even begin to tell you what an inconvenience this is….
  12. This affects all four apartments that share pipes. So, the two on the top floor can’t use their’s even though their pipes aren’t actually backed up. If they do, they will flood us. They don’t seem to care since it doesn’t affect them and keep turning on water in their kitchen or dumping things in their sink – which goes right into our sink. CAN YOU SAY YUCKKKKK!
  13. Christmas eve: The maintenence guy comes out and is able to unclog the drain, so we can use sink and dishwasher!

The carptet still isn’t fixed. This had happened before – so the carpet is ruined. I’m still trying to get the office down here to look at it and fix it. But I am so happy that the drain got fixed.

In spite of all of this we still had a wonderful, Holy day!


  1. Sounds awful! I hope everything gets straightened out soon!

  2. MommasWorld says

    Is your bathtub related to mine? Tuesday before Christmas the downstairs bathroom flooded after I took a shower UGH. I did have someone come in and fix it since I was having guests over for the holidays. Yeah your sink is fixed! I would have never lived it down if I had to use paper plates for Christmas dinner.

    Hope your week towards New Years is going well. Have a safe and blessed New Year!

    P.S. Love the Mommy cards! Would work for dance/gymnastics/cheer/pageants and other child related activities. All the Mom’s seem to remember the children’s names because we hear them more often than the Mothers’ names.

  3. Oh, no!! What a set of calamities, especially Christmas week. I can’t imagine not using the sink for any length of time. And all that ruined meat!! Any chance you could get the guys who unplugged it to pay?

  4. ChupieandJ'smama says

    OH NO!! What a disaster! I’m just sick thinking about you losing all of the deer meat. Ours is stocked with deer meat too and I would cry if it were all ruined. And the sink…. I’m sorry this all happened. I hope your New Year is a happy and uneventful one with new carpet and a working sink.

  5. carrie*postma says

    oh my heavens! what an interesting twist on the holidays! I hope it all gets cleaned up soon! *smiles & hugs*

  6. practicalchick says

    WOW! You certainly had a, uh, entertaining (?) holiday to say the least. At least you will always remember it.

    Here’s to hoping 07 is MUCH better.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  7. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how frustrating that was. I hope everything is better. I hate stinky stuff. It puts me in a bad mood.

  8. OH MAN!! I’m cringing reading this!!!

    Happy (much more smooth) New Year!!

  9. Air Force Family says

    How terrible!! Sounds like our broken down apartment with all the issues.
    I sure hope everything gets fixed and smelling better before the New YEar!

  10. Wh, my word, Karla! And all right before Christmas!

    I hope you managed to have a nice Christmas dinner somewhere in there!

  11. YIKES!!!!!

    You inspired me to do a Thursday 13 :-)

  12. Pfew, the days before Christmas weren’t easy to say the least. I’m glad you still had a wonderful day!
    All the best to you and yours for the new year!

  13. Oh Karla! That is just the worst. At least your sense of humor seems to still be intact.

    Hope the carpet gets clean. Did y’all just lose a ton of meat?

  14. Yikes!

    Now we need a blog on how you managed to maintain your sanity through all this! :)


  15. Wow! I’m not sure what to say. cept – Glad your grain got fixed!

    Thanks for the Read


  16. Oh no! If you lived closer, I have a freezer full of venison that I’d happily give you.
    What did you do for Christmas dinner?

  17. Poor you!

    My TT13 is up :)

  18. Oh my goodness! You certainly experienced a great deal of misfortune! I hope everything is fixed soon.

  19. The fact that you can be humorous in spite of it all says a lot about you! :) Hope everything is working right and smelling fresh soon!

  20. Glass Half Full says

    Holy my…..I am speechless!!!

  21. Wow I hope the new year treats you better and that some good things start happening.

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