Thursday Thirteen – Making Christmas Meaningful

13 Awesome Christmas Links and Ideas

Because there has been so much discussion going on regarding keeping our focus on Christ this Christmas, I searched all over the web for some good resources to help inspire us do just that:

  1. Begging for Myrrh – Stressed out by Christmas presents? Try this simple approach to godly gift giving. — I have held onto this article for 3 years now… I think this is the year to try it out… (I’ve had to paste this into a post on here because the article is no longer available online)
  2. Advent ideas with kids — includes a few book suggestions including #3
  3. Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas – Ideas from A – Z — includes chapters on creating a Jesse Tree… TONS of ideas
  4. About.coms resource page for “Keeping Christ in Christmas — great ideas
  5. Creating a meaningful Christmas — (also visit Dionna at her blog)
  6. Merry and Meaningful – 12 ways to make the most of your holidays.
  7. Another resource page
  8. Redeeming the Season: Simple Ideas for a Memorable and Meaningful Christmas— another book chocked-full of ideas
  9. 101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas — yet another book with a lot of wonderful ideas
  10. — I enjoyed looking around this site. It sounds extreme, but (STAY WITH ME HERE) really does have some good ideas for simplifying, like these, and this gave some food for thought
  11. Do you have the Christmas Spirit?
  12. Attack of the “Gimme Bug”! – How our family wards off holiday greed
  13. The Nativity Story — This movie, from what I have read (have not seen it) would definitely be a discussion starter during family/friend get-togethers with those who are on the fringe of understanding what Christmas is really all about…

Enjoy! Hope these are helpful! If you have other ideas or resources, please link back or leave your idea in the comments!


  1. :) Interesting ideas and useful resources. I personally love giving someone something from Heifer International… It’s along the same idea.

  2. Sweet Kitty says

    some very interesting links!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

  3. Thanks for sharing this very useful TT! I love your blog layout…

    Happy TT from Germany,

  4. Thanks for sharing these resources. Christmas has become so commercialized that it’s important to step back and remember why we celebrate the holiday. Mass of Christmas Eve is always one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

    Happy T13. :)

  5. Karla, you’re a wealth of information. First the crockpot and now all of these links!

    I’m off to check them out.

  6. Good morning, Karla! Thank you for sharing these wonderful sites; I know it took a lot of time to ferret these out, and I appreciate your effort! We are simplifying Christmas this year because of all the demands of starting our publishing company – meetings for edits, design, marketing, you name it. But I have to say, I’m enjoying this Christmas more than in years past. Thank you for stopping by and have a very Happy Thursday!

  7. Looks like some great resources there!! I will have to explore them in greater detail.h

  8. What a great list! I need to bookmark this. In the meantime, Karla, I added you to my personal blogroll!

  9. Karla, what a fantastic list! I’m going to come back tonight and check out all of your links!

  10. What neat sites… thanks for sharing.

    Your Brother in the Word


  11. ChupieandJ'smama says

    What a great list!! I will be checking out everyone of those sites. Thanks for taking the time to post them:)

  12. 2 cents says

    Looks like alot of great links and ideas!! Thank you for sharing!

  13. A most excellent T-13! So glad you stopped by She Lives today!

  14. Your site is so pretty! I can’t wait to go check out the links to these awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing and Happy TT!

  15. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Wow! Great links! Thanks for stopping by and making me feel better!

  16. this is a GREAT list!!! I’m so glad you compiled it!

  17. What a nice thing for you to do, Karla. You just saved everyone hours of web searching for some very special sites. This is great.

  18. Tag, you’re it!

  19. The meme (to answer your question on my blog) is to write down five odd things about yourself and five odd things about one of your kids – I pick your middle one!

  20. Wow, thanks for all the links you worked so hard looking for! I’ll be visiting some of those this week.

  21. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday……Happy Holidays….

  22. Ok I give in. I will join you in your thursday thirteen. :)

  23. Part of my new book is about your #38 – setting goals. We (DK at A Flyover Blog and myself) have a lawyer as a best friend, your #76. And your #99 is my favorite. Wanted you to know I read your whole list. :)

    God Bless and Merry Christmas


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